G-suite comprises of a set of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, both software and similar products that used for communication, storage and collaborative ventures. A CRM becomes extremely useful while using a G-suite as it helps the sales team of your company to be in track of the documentations and Gmail conversations in Google. Thus, integrating your G-suite with CRM will help in reducing manual hard work of sharing documents with your team and the retrieval of these documents, no matter how long they date back. It allows sales representatives to communicate using Gmail and other services, thereby increasing the sales of the company.


Copper is the CRM recommended by Google built to suit every requirement of G-suite. It works by the G-suite tools by using Google material design. Once signed up using Gmail address and the account is set up, it automatically arranges all the available data. It integrates your contact information and helps in generating leads ensuring the smooth and successful running of the business. Copper keeps the progress on deals updated and marks the upcoming events on the Google Calendar to remind the users of tasks that need immediate attention. It helps to keep your entire team informed of the progress, and the assigning of different tasks to your team after the closing of a deal is also possible via Copper. Some of the original features offered by Copper include Lead generation and tracking, Opportunity Management and Pipeline Reporting.


Zoho offers seamless integration with the varied Google products and services in a single sign-on process. It gives the G-suite customers access to the contents that come with Zoho subscription on logging in. Once installed and logged in, you can import both the users and customers of G-suite users. Zoho takes new information and updates it to all the required apps by default. Thus, it is time-efficient and productive in use for a company as it helps in organising the dispersed data across applications like Gmail, Docs etc.  Zoho provides the option of creating forms published as ads and generate leads. With leads produced when the website visitors use these ads and also by tracking offline conversations when a prospective client shows interest, the company can improve its sales. The collaboration of teams and data and detailed knowledge of the expenditure and return of the deals are other advantages of ZOHO.


Nethunt is another CRM that offers excellent help in managing all the work by integrating itself with the G-suite based on the size of your company and the number of users involved in the process. The process includes sign up, and the transfer of all data followed by the setting up of the CRM custom made for your company. It offers training for the users for deriving maximum benefit from the use of a CRM and attaining excellent productive results. The support system of Nethunt promises minimum response time to queries. The customer-centric approach of Nethuntand the availability of email campaigns helps in sales and marketing of your products. The conversations with companies and other clients shared with colleagues keeps them in the loop with the progress in the deal.  The pipeline management keeps track of the sales and its stages which helps to create reports accordingly. 


Hubspot is a free CRM which offers its services to an unlimited number of users.  It is best suited for the marketing agencies, solo entrepreneurs and consultants which make use of social media to generate leads for leads. A visual dashboard on activities of a client or a deal, including the target and productivity giving space for improvement. It provides notifications of the status of the emails sent and the required follow-ups keeping your customer satisfied. The well-ordered arrangement of all conversations with a lead available to a single space for all the users keeps you level-headed. The sending of bulk emails according to the need and customising them, using built-in analytics increases the leads. 


Insightly provides the feature of building an intimate relationship with your customer and know about their requirements to offer a satisfying buying experience. Engaging conversations with customers and the use of grade reports help evaluate the effectiveness of strategies. The success of deals and the pipelined visuals help to convince the customer to ask for assistance in more significant projects. Insightly offers full-security of your data and protects it through the two-step verification procedure. Depending on the steps taken by the customer, Insightly guides you in making the next options which are flexible. The features like custom fields and workflow automation help Insightly stand out amongst the rest of G-suite CRMs.

Thus, CRMs, when integrated with G-suite, helps in making communication with prospective clients easier and smoother. The data attained on the customer based on ads help in increasing the prospect of achieving a deal. The manual labour of updating your contacts and keeping track of all the activities become simpler with the use of G-suite CRM.