The values one attaches to family and life is what keeps a person pushing through the hardest of times. Insurance companies play a huge role in giving a sense of security for their customers, and thus it is one of the most successful business enterprises to exist. The plans and policies need to be continuously revised and updated to meet the requirements of the customers. However, it becomes difficult to keep track of all the documents and files manually, and CRM comes to the rescue here. The proper management of customer data and the smooth functioning of the business is essential to remain on top of business. A CRM takes care of keeping the profile of the customers updated, provides a timely reminder of renewing of policies etc. 


Salesforce is CRM software that is popular among the Insurance companies. It offers to give the customer or the policyholder a customized experience through personalized marketing strategies. It helps in developing trust with the customer and keeps you connected with the customer through portals, chats through automatic intelligent conversation guided by an artificially intelligent bot, Einstein. In the case of mortgages, Salesforce promises more speedy and transparent through teamwork and bringing together all the relevant data in a single window. It alerts you of possible situations where you can expand the relationship with a customer and reach out to them by being proactive. It gives an overall view of the wealth and assets of the policyholders and finds new opportunities through them.


Radius CRM offers leads, clients and agency management, all of which are the core expectations of a CRM. It gives its users the feature of automated sales which includes the collection, analysis and distribution of data without the involvement of the users and thus makes their working easier. It can be customised to suit the outlook of your organisation and integrated with other apps if necessary. When the CRM identifies a lead, it automatically sends email or text message to the client or potential client, and it also sends a monthly newsletter to the policyholders informing them of the progress and achievements of your company. It has an in-built option of allowing agents to call the clients and VoIP feature. Radius helps you remain organised by compiling the necessary data and keeping track of history.

3.Microsoft Dynamics

This CRM comes with the promise of an increase in revenue and also improvement in customer satisfaction. It uses the latest technologies to provide the best customer service and to make use of time efficiently. The Microsoft dynamics takes all the steps, including campaigning and generating of leads and manages all the follow-ups. It gives the customer the freedom of choosing their medium of communication, and it forecasts the deals and helps in reaching the sales target through sales pipelining. It monitors the performance of agents, which provides tips on how to improve performance through individualised training. It reminds the dates of renewal of policies. It provides insights regarding a customer to help the staff decide the next move on the customer to benefit both the company and the customer.

4.NexJ Systems

NexJ makes use of Artificial Intelligence and analytics to provide best customer management solutions. It is one of the top CRM companies for Insurance companies and provides an analytical view of the customer and thus brings more opportunities into business. The agent can keep track of the requests of the clients and align Activity and give work plans. It reviews the engagement of the clients through campaigns. It understands the background of the customer using studying the clients from similar addresses or different addresses, enhancing the services provided for the customer. It also has the feature of an integrated call centre facility.


AgencyBloc provides 24/7 service via Cloud, and it provides tools for management of clients, agents and deals that are crucial elements of an Insurance company. It takes care of the commissions and ensures that you remain paid for your work. It conducts campaigns that lead to the building of a trustworthy relationship with the customer. The reports available as charts and graphs help in the analysing of data and thus make the best decisions for your company. Policy management functionality keeps agents aware of renewals, and to keep track of them, makes the process of signing up for a policy easier for the client, view plans associated with a given policy and attach relevant documents for future references.