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Businesses can utilize smart technology to accept payments automatically with the appropriate gear and software. The best POS systems make this possible. Without a POS software, companies will be forced to carry out transactions the old-fashioned way, listing the item, removing it from the inventory, giving the customer a receipt, and handling the accounting all in one go. A POS system should be first for businesses to offer customers a consistent purchase experience. The POS system is the ideal place to start for companies looking to adapt, automate, and modernize their operations. Before signing up for any additional services, make sure that a POS software is in place to assist in the automation process. Here in the following guide, you will see the top POS software in Australia:


Vend is designed to let businesses manage multiple locations at once. Thanks to its powerful technology, the company can handle all areas utilizing a simple POS system platform with real-time data, eCommerce functionality, and more. Managing multiple sites at once is difficult for businesses, especially when they need more sophisticated technology. The POS system is designed to handle high-order volumes while classifying them based on geography to prevent accounts from mixing. Vend offers company managers and owners a straightforward, user-friendly platform that they can access from their phones, tablets, and desktop computers to watch all activity across all locations. When dealing with a company with multiple locations, security is essential. Vend ensures the security of the company’s data by utilizing cloud solutions that regularly back up data to ensure it is never lost. Manage your activities from one simple platform instead of using different POS systems for each location.


POS system from Square is used in contemporary times to receive payments. The square offers various services through its connection that let users successfully manage their businesses and clients and make payments most frankly. Without spending money on multiple PCs to run the software, the company’s Square stand is an easy, affordable, and effective way to enable built-in payments with a customer-driven checkout packed onto an iPad POS. When it comes to the POS system, organizations that opt for cutting-edge technology with the most futuristic approach should start with the service. Square is among the most well-known services on the list, and it has a lot of fans. Companies who desire to expand must provide the most upfront and efficient POS system deployment strategy. Square stands out in this market not only by offering intricate systems but also by doing it in a way that keeps clients from becoming confused by the specifics. Businesses won’t need to be tech-savvy to use it because Square can manage the hardware, software, and all other essential aspects. Additionally, the service makes system adoption and integration direct. Start right away Square give your business the best possible boost.


Lightspeed is a superb all-in-one e-commerce platform with an emphasis on retail and hospitality, and the POS system has the advantage of being adaptable to different industries. Lightspeed’s primary goals are enhancing organizational effectiveness, customer acquisition, and client retention. The POS system has many features for different types of businesses. The POS system offers reporting, integrated payments, multi-store functionality, and intelligent inventory management. Lightspeed is primarily designed for restaurants, hospitality businesses, retail and eCommerce stores, and both, while it provides excellent customization features to be used in other industries. The POS system prioritizes the retail, eCommerce, restaurant, and hotel business structures since they are typically complex, sophisticated, and crammed with information. Lightspeed is preferable for small businesses that want a little bit of everything. Lightspeed is designed to be flexible and can be customized for companies across numerous industries. Businesses that prefer an easy-to-use, comprehensive POS system do not need to look any further and can start updating their procedures immediately.


TouchBistro is a particular point-of-sale software designed with restaurants and other hospitality-related businesses in mind. One of the service’s unique features is menu management, which includes price changes to ensure restaurants can update their offerings and the earnings that go along with them. To further assist and accommodate eateries, TouchBistro has modified its offers. Because of its unique system of high-volume orders and constantly changing inventories, the POS system automatically updates itself whenever an order is placed. Businesses that accept reservations and have real-time sales tracking capabilities can base their decisions on the data at their disposal. The POS system supports online orders despite being fully booked to aid restaurants to boost profitability. The platform’s backend provides a real-time update to the kitchen to help it keep up with the volume of orders the restaurant is receiving. Intensity is something that TouchBistro is built to handle, especially when it all seems like too much. The POS system’s primary goal is to deliver a seamless experience for customers and enterprises by uniting both parties in one system. To ensure that your business gets the finest service possible, use a TouchBistro POS software built especially for your market sector.


OrderMate is a fantastic option for a wide range of enterprises. It is an adaptable platform that benefits start-ups, established companies, and enterprises. For every level, it has assistance, bookkeeping, and advanced reporting. Transaction speed is crucial when running a business, especially in the hospitality and retail industries. Using automation and round-the-clock support, OrderMate enables organizations to ask questions, receive coaching, and boost productivity. OrderMates concentrates on the Australian market because it considers its business practices and culture. The POS system supports online and telephone ordering, backend reporting, contactless payments, and table management. OrderMate is an excellent tool, mainly when catering to the Australian market. No matter where they are in the nation, it is meant to help businesses succeed. You can expand your business in the right way with the aid of a POS system. You only need one system to transform your business from a small operation to a major corporation.


Abacus POS system is aware that the best way to increase sales is occasionally to offer a system that optimizes the payment options. Abacus, like other platforms, offers staff management features, an intelligent user interface, tools for the price adjustment, and payment integration. Abacus is an excellent way for businesses that are used to using traditional systems to maintain the improved performance of those systems. One way to upgrade a business is with Abacus self-order kiosk, which can be installed at physical businesses to improve their order process and provide customers with a premium experience. Abacus POS system ensures that the simplest solutions for some of the trickiest problems are provided rather than all the bells and whistles. Thanks to the POS system’s support for QR codes and online ordering, businesses can give customers a seamless ordering experience. The system is distributed across various devices, allowing for universal use. It can be easy to upgrade your technology and expertise. Finally, the Abacus POS system helps to enhance the user experience for businesses and customers.


The hike is a reputable company that developed its POS software, especially for the retail sector. The program is flexible and functional on both iPads and desktop PCs. Leading providers of payment terminals communicate with this cloud-based POS software. Hike also provides 24/7 live chat and email assistance, so retail businesses won will immediately getter-sales help. Hike POS provides no-lock-in annual and monthly memberships as payment alternatives. The yearly subscription is less expensive monthly to persuade people to pay for more extended periods. The Start-up, store, and multi-store programs are available for customer selection. The Start-up and store plans include coverage for one outlet and one checkout licence. However, additional licences can be purchased. Although the Multi-store program allows for an unlimited number of locations, it only includes two POS licences by default, and additional ones will incur additional fees. Since there is no legal commitment, cancellation is always an option. The plan consists of all the features of the start-up plan in addition to gift card loyalty, marketplace integrations, customized reports, in-depth analytics, and advanced user permissions.


Revel POS system is a hybrid POS system that uses the cloud and a business’s local network and may run independently. The iPad only supports the Revel POS app it does not work on computers, android, or other platforms. Revel Systems POS has an advanced CRM, inventory management, automated ordering, kiosk capability, personnel tracking, and a complete POS system. For any last-minute client demands, it offers round-the-clock phone and online help. Revel POS Systems prices start at USD 99 per terminal per month for a store with one register. Only a specific offer with a three-year contract, annual billing, and a minimum purchase of two terminals qualify for this pricing. Revel Systems, however, might be a sensible choice since it provides everything for a retailer who needs a multi-store solution with hardware bundles that come directly from the POS provider needs for the point of sale needs.

Bottom Line:

Every business needs an accurate, precise, and efficient POS software to maintain its quality and grow. By reading the above-explained guide, you can decide which POS software is best for your business.