Schools nowadays are prepared to embrace the technological advancements. Education institutions are prepared to improve their knowledge and provide better services and school ERP software helps for this development. To manage and regulate their continuous activities, schools must use ERP software.

The ERP program lets schools focus on their primary task of offering high-quality education by making administrative and non-administrative tasks easier. It automates the procedures and does away with manual labour. Here are top ERP software’s that schools in Sharjah can use:

1. Xact soft:

School ERP System from XactSoft is an application that is secure, scalable, innovative, user-friendly, responsive, and effective. For schools that are looking to automate their administrations system, this software offers a 360-degree solution.

As this software is loaded in features and functionality, schools can automate procedures and successfully carry out daily tasks. Workflow is also made simpler and more efficient by the system.

The management can make timely decisions in response to changing circumstances with the help of reports available in the tool.  Modular customization and add-ons are available in the Online School Administration Software Application. The functionality and features offer creative approaches to support admin-teacher-student-parent interactions and maximise resource usage, report sharing, and synergism.


  • Personalized dashboard
  • Time table
  • Reports and management

2. Atninfo:

Schools are now able to modernise their regular school administration procedures with the atninfp integrated school management ERP system. For instance, schools can use this school ERP software for admissions procedures in a paperless manner, improving efficiency and saving money and time.

Data about students and employees can be accessible simply and at anytime, which reduces the errors, with the better records management. Teachers can spend less time on planning and more time focusing on implementation with the simplicity and efficiency.

Teachers no longer need to manually follow up on homework assignments or assessments, which saves time. atninfp integrated school management ERP system have become a game-changer by empowering school administrators, instructors, and students, as well as modernising campuses. All stakeholders can see a single dashboard view that compiles all the important data.


  • Robust built-in communication system
  • Customizable and user-friendly approach
  • Personalized login credential system

3. Academia:

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Academia Student Information System enables you to automate all the processes and operations of your educational institute through a leading-edge platform.…

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The management of a school is more difficult than it appears. Rather than focusing solely on teaching the students, it involves too many departments and procedures. Updating and upgrading every process manually is a difficult task. The human error and false data is very high while doing this task.

The way schools are managed and administered has evolved along with how technology is affecting everyone’s life. The ERP solutions for schools are one of the important methods that have made operations and activities of the school management simple.

The ERP software from Academia is the best school ERP software as it streamlines daily school operations and offers communicative and interactive modules. It offers a vibrant setting for successful education. To organise, automate, and make daily school tasks simpler, Academia provides full educational ERP solutions. There are several modules in each segment for each component of the school management system.


  • Organization setup and management
  • System administration
  • Analytics and reports

4. Mastersoft:

The use of a Mastersoft’s school ERP system enables institutions to automate and streamline all routine processes. Teachers and educators can digitise routine work processes in educational institutions with the help of school ERP software which is a powerful, cloud-based, tried-and-tested educational ERP system.

The administrative activity of schools and other educational institutions can be tracked and recorded. The modules for managing academic records, admissions, online fee collecting, timetable planning, and other tasks are all included for instructors and staff.

The management of homework, student information, tracking of fees, and attendance are just a few of the everyday operations that may be carried out and managed by schools. With the aid of reliable and clever solutions, it assists schools in streamlining their entire operation and enhancing management and teaching-learning.

The main aim of MasterSoft’s school management system is to boost productivity and effectiveness and also reducing administrative burdens. It is compatible with many recent technologies, including mobile apps, RFID smart cards, internet payment gateways, and biometrics.


  • Effective data management
  • Improved academic performance
  • Paperless documentation

5. IQMinds Technology:

There are various manual tasks involving students, employees, and parents in running a school or college. But with the help of IQMindsTechnology’s IQBack2School school ERP software, the ideal school management system in Sharjah, everything can be managed more simply.

Nearly all of the elements that are required for administering the educational institution are included in IQBack2School. The primary tasks performed by this Smart School Management include admission management, student management, exam management, fee and financial activity management, and others.

Their school management software was created with the help of business professionals who have extensive experience in academic settings. To administer your school and lessen the workload of manual tasks, use their school administration application.

Their school ERP solution keeps you informed at all times with thorough reports. These reports can be analysed to help you decide how to proceed in the future.

Using this ERP system, which centralizes data, the schools can be connected. Data management would be facilitated by this procedure and accelerated. Stored data can be shared amongst all departments to keep everyone informed and up to date. A communication breakdown won’t occur when using ERP.


  • Easy user interface
  • Examination management
  • Multiuser options

6. Smart School Manager:

Smart School Manager has developed the School ERP Management System, an integrated system for the complete computerization of educational institutions. The Smart School Manager’s school ERP Solution has been implemented at all levels at various well-known and renowned educational institutions.

As ERP school software is a dynamic, user-configurable and integrated software solution, it helps institutions get a lot of information. It provided an overview of data from school software that was used for administrative, academic, and maintenance purposes.

It is a dependable ERP for the education sector that relieves the administrative tasks and responsibility, resulting in a quick and simple fee collection process.

The only option for educational institutions to advance is through the automation of administrative and management work. In order to maximize student and instructor efficiency, it is crucial to regularly monitor their actions. So, using a school management ERP system allows for the digitization of work processes.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Hassle-free daily tasks

7. Letosys:

Letosys is an easy-to-access, user-friendly, and powerful School Management ERP Software that provides benefits to everyone to achieve excellence. The size of the school institution doesn’t matter and all institutions today need to manage more information than ever before. They must keep track of a high volume of data and, at the same time, keep all information confidential.

Without a solid internal infrastructure for staff, administrators, and departments to share data, critical information can be lost. Incorrect communication can lead to a host of problems that can affect the image and longevity of the institution. So, ERP is the one and only integrated software with a multiuser interface, and you will never need to take care of all departments.


It is crucial for management, students, staff, and parents because all benefit from adopting it to achieve excellence. By giving administrators and staff a comprehensive and user-friendly platform, the operational excellence component of Letosys school ERP software aids in the improvement of school management.


Also, their software allows you to track school expenses in real time, so you know precisely know where your money is going. To make sure everything is on track, you can also set up automated reminders and notifications.


  • Comprehensive student information and management
  • User-friendly interface
  • Effective data management

 8. RIBS Technology:

One of the top school ERP software is provided by RIBS Technology for the educational market. These integrated management systems for schools provide organizational transparency. This makes it easier for their management to stop any potential misuse of resources and prevent resource waste.


This ERP helps you make your institution a paperless green school by integrating all of your administrative and instructional procedures. It ensures that a live, interactive learning environment is available 24/7, days a year.


RIBS Technology’s ERP school software is a dynamic, user-configurable, integrated software solution it helps institutions get a lot of information. It provides an overview of data from school software that was used for administrative, academic, and maintenance purposes.


Access to education ERP software can be granted to any departmental employee. Staff from various departments can keep informed about any alterations or advancements occurring inside the institutions because they have fast access to crucial information.


  • Custom field for staff and students
  • Multiple fees are collected at the same time
  • High-priority service assistance during any issue

Final thoughts


The way schools operate today has changed, becoming more effective with the help of technology like school ERP software. The role of teachers and students in the classroom has altered as a result of access to digital technologies for improved teaching and learning. Here’s the list of the top 8 ERP software and make use of this software for your school to reap countless advantages.