Ask Joe Gebbia, Nathan Blecharczyk, and Brian Chesky about the power of a client pitch. 

But who are they?

These are the founding members of Airbnb who raised a whopping 600 thousand dollars in seed funding by nailing their 14-slides client pitch. 

That’s the power of a client pitch.

Never underestimate the importance of a client pitch as it easily swings the door and closes the much-required funding to level-up your business. 

With average seed funding requiring 58 investor contacts, 40 investor meetings, and 12.5 weeks to close – creating a compelling client pitch has been challenging. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a startup with considerable market traction, a compelling pitch is something that will take your business to the next level. 

When putting together a client pitch, the old sales saying, “fact tells, but stories sell,” rings true. Apart from weaving a compelling narrative, focus on keeping the aesthetics polished and consistent. Nailing a client pitch is no rocket science, but using the right tools will help you nail the first opportunity that comes knocking on your door. 

5 Tools to Help you Nail that Client Pitch

For entrepreneurs, life’s a pitch. If you don’t wish to complicate your life further, use the 

following tools to nail your next client pitch. 

1.Knowledge management tools

Entrepreneurs like you are always working under tremendous pressure, and there’s always an invisible sword swaying over your head. From gathering data to create a client pitch to creating a compelling client deck – you wear many hats and try to win as many clients as possible. But it’s easier said than done. 
In the cutthroat world of sales, having knowledge management software (KMS) at your disposal could be the difference between losing and winning seed funding. This tool provides you access to all information you need to create a client deck under one roof. You no longer have to gather information from different sources to portray your business as a logical solution to a given problem.

With a knowledge management tool, you no longer have to reinvent the wheel and reuse the information stored to create a compelling presentation and pitch. 

Benefits of using a knowledge management tool

  • Help you and your employees find answers. With employees spending 19% of their workweek hours searching and gathering information, a KMS could be a solution for increasing productivity.
  • Break down organizational silos and enhance cross-team communication 
  • Increases collaboration.
  • Reduce training cost and time.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction rate.

Our recommendation: Slite

2.Presentation and report making tools

Landing leads or funding using your client pitch is more about mastering the art of presentation than charisma. For a long time, presentations are a one-stop solution for making client pitches as it resonates and helps in sending the right message to your client.

Whether you hook your potential clients or leave them with vague and distorted information depends on your presentation’s quality. To wow your clients, you need to show and tell your story in a compelling yet professional manner.

That’s where a presentation tool comes into the picture.
Such a tool weaves your words, images, and videos into meaningful presentations, which are likely to deliver results. With visuals stimulating the thinking ability and improving the learning environment – creating a client pitch in the form of a presentation will help you turn a prospect into a paying client. Apart from creating presentations, you can use it as a report maker to create professional-looking and visually attractive business reports to impress the stakeholders.

If you’re planning to shake things up and impress your clients in a fun and engaging way, investment in a presentation and reporting-making tool could be your success mantra.

Benefits of using a presentation and report making tool

  • Provides many in-built themes and templates for a client pitch
  • Increases client engagement
  • Help organize all your information in a structured manner
  • Enhances team collaboration as team members can collaborate to improve the design or flow of the pitch.
  • Drastically reduces the time spent on making a presentation.

3.Mood board tools

If you’re pitching design ideas, you may want to use mood boards. These are digital collages of ideas that come in handy for photographers, graphic designers, interior designers, and fashion. 

Using a mood board, you can pitch ideas in freeform and openly discuss them with your clients. 

For most creative industry professionals, mood boards are there 360-degrees solution that helps deliver a message in an impactful manner. Rather than displaying a finished product, mood boards abstractly communicate creative ideas. 
According to research, mood boards effectively provide visual organization and creative freedom, enhancing your client’s pitch. Use mood boards for pitching web designing or interior designing projects.

When it comes to mood boards, keep them more straightforward and avoid using too many images for creating your digital collage. It’s simple, if you try to push the envelope, it will try to bite you back!

Benefits of using mood board tool

  • Clarifies a vision
  • Ensures design collaboration across your organization
  • Pushes creativity
  • Make your client pitch more appealing and intriguing
  • Reduces time to make a digital collage of ideas

4.Prototyping tools

You may have a groundbreaking product idea. Unless you convince a prospect that your vision is not the result of daydreaming but rather a promising idea– your clients are less likely to fund your business. 

Enter prototyping tools.

Such a tool comes in handy to a website or mobile app developer. Instead of showing an image of a website in-progress, you can create clickable prototypes.

Imagine that upon sharing a still of your in-progress mobile app. A client asks you to show what happens on clicking this button? Manually explaining the function of every field is an uphill battle. It’s a much convenient and impressive way to show them a working prototype.

Using a prototype tool, your client in real-time can perform all the functions of your mobile application. 

Benefits of using prototyping tools

  • Give an initial sneak-peek into the product
  • Help in demonstrating the feasibility of youridea
  • Working and clickable prototypes increase your chances of receiving funding
  • Reduces development time
  • Reduces cost as failures are detected early

5.Team collaboration tools

Creating a pitch is a collaborative effort, and team collaboration tools help keep you up-to-date with the latest product messaging and marketing. It ensures cross-organizational and global enterprise collaboration – a must for knowing the product or service USP for including in the pitch. 

With 86% of employees citing ineffective communication and lack of collaboration as primary reasons for a workplace failure, it makes sense to invest in a team collaboration tool.

These tools allow you to upload documents such as product specifications, marketing materials, previous client pitches, and other important information required for creating an excellent client pitch. Use this material to add information such as product specification, why your product is the logical answer to your client’s pain point.

When all the information is updated and stored in one place, the probability of making errors reduces, and you create pitches that convert. 

Benefits of using a team collaboration tool

  • Ensures smooth and efficient flow of information for creating client pitches.
  • Reduces informational silos as everyone is on the same page
  • Helps in prioritizing tasks
  • Increases collaboration and productivity
  • Enhances communication and participation

Wrapping up the top 5 tools to help you nail your next client pitch

2021 success mantra: An excellent client pitch translates to receiving funding from investors. 

Creating a powerful and impactful client pitch is nerve-wracking. 

Did you know that 13% of founders with failed startup cite lack of funding as the primary reason for closing down – a client pitch could be the difference between failure and success

Apart from the content, all elements, including design, color, images, etc., must work together to create a pitch that your potential investors cannot ignore. 

It’s not the tools you choose that decide whether you create a winning client pitch or not. All elements right from gathering information to creating a pitch must work together. A high-quality pitch makes life simpler, and with the right set of tools in your arsenal, you can win any investor or client. 

From using a knowledge management tool to mood boards, these five tools mentioned above are a go-getter and will help you turn your dream into reality. Use these tools, and don’t hesitate to pitch your ideas, it’s an incredible experience!

Which tool did you use to nail your client pitch? Did we miss out on any critical tool?

Do let us know in the comments section!