Management works as the pillar for any business. And a business can only become successful if it has a superior quality management system. ERP software serves a great need when it comes to business management. Due to the inclination towards ERP software, Odoo customization services gained a lot of popularity over the years. Odoo offers a wide range of business applications. Its software design is such that it can target companies of all sizes. It includes features such as website development, e-commerce, CRM, accounting, billing, warehouse and project management, manufacturing as well as inventory management.

Apart from Odoo, another popular form of an ERP software available in the market is SAP. A German company known as SAP SE launched SAP in the market. With SAP, you can find all business functions that an organization needs. It serves to more than 650 K customers/users and 670 partners. Odoo, on the other hand, has more than 2M users and 730 partners.

Now that we have introduced SAP and Odoo for you, let us understand some differences between the two ERPs:

Price model

SAP is the quote-based model and Odoo is free for certain features and monthly payment software.


Both SAP and Odoo are all-in-one software. You need to pay for the ERP modules which you use and add more users and functionality as per your requirements. In Odoo, features such as billing and accounting are free, you can add applications per your requirements and the payment is on monthly basis.


When you use SAP, integration with SAP cloud solutions is possible. In case of Odoo, integration is possible with a large number of applications and systems like eBay, Ups, etc.

Let us have a look at some interesting features which makes Odoo software unique and beneficial from other ERP software:

Open Source

When you are using Odoo software, you can make sure that you stay ahead from other technologies. As it is an open source, you can get regular evaluations and modifications. This is possible as its source code is accessible to all. It eliminates all the bugs and Odoo customization adds new features meeting the daily business changes. Thus, Odoo proves to be a perfect solution for all business categories and satisfies their needs.

Low cost

There are a number of proprietary software such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and Oracle that have attractive features. But they are pretty costly. You can use Odoo software as you can download it for free and its implementation cost is less. Also, it comes with a license-free software which saves a good amount of money.


Odoo development services have become popular because the software is user-friendly. Odoo ensures the seamless performance and action which gives user-friendly experience. It is possible to fulfill complex company needs after full integration of the software. The flexibility allows it to match each and every business requirement.

No Discrepancy

When you are using Odoo software, there is no discrepancy or lock-in on a vendor. If you use proprietary software, the technology or vendor can lock it resulting in the loss of resources.


Odoo software offers you with more than 5000 modules. According to the requirements, the addition of a module is possible.


Odoo customization is the major benefit of the ERP software. Odoo partners can customize so that it fits the business needs. If you have a specific request which an Odoo app store cannot address, a partner can develop this feature for you.

Easy integration

Apart from being customizable, Odoo is API friendly and also easy to integrate. If you are using QuickBooks, you can find this software beneficial as integrating it is easy.


You should not only see the present in a software but also look for future. An important characteristic which is necessary for the ERP software is that it needs to be scalable. If it is scalable, it lasts for a longer time. Amazing software for a better future is Odoo. If you are scaling in terms of employees, you can add number of users in the software. If you are scaling in terms of features, then you can add functions to software.

These are some interesting features of the Odoo software which makes it different and beneficial than other ERP software in the market.


Author Bio:

The author is Maulik Shah, the founder & CEO of Biztech: Odoo Development Company. He also runs Biztech blog, where he shares insights from the world of CMS and other web-based technologies.