Do you remember when only professional developers could create an app? If you answered yes, then you probably remember the hassle that went with the process.

You have a simple idea that suddenly seems to take years to develop, yet by the time your idea becomes a usable app, it’s no longer needed and you’re heading for retirement. This may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s really not too far from reality—thankfully, Power Apps has come to the rescue.

Did you know Power Apps have generated over $2 billion in revenue? If speeding up development time isn’t enough to get you to consider using Power apps, then the boost in revenue should make you rethink how you’re creating your apps.

Still not sure if Power Apps is the right tool for your business? Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to add it to your toolbelt.

You Don’t Need to Learn Coding

Unless coding is your thing, it’s not something most people enjoy. If you’re not a professional coder, get ready for headaches and a lot of stress. With Power Apps, you don’t really need to know anything about coding.

You can create a usable app in a relatively short time without having to outsource the work to others. If coding is involved, it’s usually simple code that your IT department can knock out in a day or so—just imagine the potential savings you can get when you’re not outsourcing your app development!

Automate Your Workflow

Have you ever stopped and thought about how many mundane tasks go into making your business run? Don’t get too depressed if you’re suddenly realizing the amount of time your staff is spending on some of these processes.

You can easily automate some of the more mundane workflows, including data analysis into a convenient app—just think, click on the app and everything you need pops up on your computer screen. Creating an app with Power Apps can free up staff time for more pressing business tasks.

Build an App that Works Almost Anywhere

Do you have staff out in the field or remote employees? How are these team members accessing work data? Do they need to head into the office every time they need to check data or respond to a query? If so, you’re wasting a lot of time and money.

Power Apps provides a better solution; you can easily create an app that works across multiple devices and from any location that has internet access. The app will work seamlessly in any browser, streamlining the process for staff.

Just think, now your field team doesn’t need to continuously drive back and forth from the office to a job site. You can even share the app with other users further simplifying the process.

Multiple Data Extensions and Connectors

Did you know that Power Apps come with over 275 built-in data connectors that are ready for you to use? Imagine all of the data that you can include in your apps, the possibilities are almost endless. If this isn’t exciting enough, you can even create custom data connectors, so now you can easily integrate external data with your other business information.

Whenever you need access to data or even metadata, you can have it all on a convenient and easily accessible application.

Compatible with Office 365

Do you love working with Office 365? For example, are Excel sheets your go-to every time you need to list and organize data? While Excel is great for data, it has limitations. The sheets aren’t updated in real-time and this means things can change as soon as you finish the spreadsheet.

Don’t worry—Power Apps can help you take care of this issue. Power Apps is a part of your Office 365 suite; as the data changes, you can use the app to make updates from almost any internet-connected device and browser. Team members can easily access the updated sheets, and even watch as the data is being updated.

Do you prefer using Microsoft Teams? No problem, Power Apps also works with Microsoft Teams—just use the included tabs on your Teams channel to manipulate the data.

Anyone Can Use Power Apps

You don’t need advanced programming skills to use Power Apps, which makes it far more accessible, even to those with basic tech proficiency. Familiarity with Microsoft Excel and Teams gives you a solid foundation to build from when it comes to these tools, as the intuitive design of Power Apps builds on similar principles of functionality.

Its compatibility with a wide range of devices means you can develop your app on the go, whether you’re in the office or navigating rush hour traffic. So, take the initiative and start exploring Power Apps. You’re likely to find its user-friendly interface and flexible design capabilities are much more approachable than you might initially expect.