Online booking systems allow potential customers to book and pay for arrangements hoping to acquire and enjoy activities and services. Potential and existing customers may use modern reservation solutions to book their favorite hotel rooms, restaurants, taxis, air travel, and other services from a dedicated booking system. Your business can gain numerous benefits from the use of an online reservation system. Here are five things your online booking application needs to offer the best in customer convenience:

1. Easy Search and Navigation

One of the primary goals of executing an online booking system is to offer excellent customer convenience. Its features should make the website or application easy for users. An easy-to-use booking platform should have:

  • Proper service categories
  • A search box with an option to filter results
  • Intuitive navigation

Place all the services you offer in proper categories and sub-categories. If you’re using a web-based reservation system, the sub-categories may help in your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Individual service classifications also help streamline the search process for users.

Your online reservation application should run like a well-oiled machine for all users, which include your business’ employees. Create or buy a reservation system with properly organized content for easy navigation and fast bookings.

2. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Technological advancements now allow us to access online booking systems from different devices. Make sure your online reservation app is compatible with the multiple desktop and mobile platforms. For example, if you’re mainly using a web app for customers to book a room in your hotel, ensure your site visitors won’t have difficulties in making reservations from their smartphones.

You may also opt for using a dedicated mobile booking app for your customers. Going back to the hotel example, practice diligence in looking at online hotel software reviews before buying the application. Several booking applications exist, and it’s wise to choose the best system for your business.

3. A Simple Yet Powerful Calendar Function

A vital element to any booking system is the calendar. Specific reservation scenarios rely on this feature to work correctly. The failure or success of a reservation lies in the hands of a well-maintained booking calendar. A few adverse effects of committing to the breakdown of an unkempt calendar include double bookings, bad reviews, and lost reservations.

Your online booking application should be straightforward to use but creates several opportunities for potential customers. Opt for a booking calendar with a syncing function to allow correspondence between in-house and third-party applications. For example, the calendar may automatically sync with Google Calendar so you won’t miss an essential reservation thanks to email notifications.

You may also want to include opportunities to upsell within the system’s calendar. For instance, a customer may be looking at booking a standard suite in your hotel. If there’s an available higher-tiered room on the chosen date, then the app should automatically show it to your potential customer. This action breeds curiosity and interest, which may result in gaining opportunities to increase profit.

4. Reservation and After-Sales Management

The reservation management module can become the core of the entire booking system. It’s the dashboard to:

  • Track payments
  • Issue quotations
  • Send vouchers
  • Confirm itineraries
  • Confirm payments
  • Create reports
  • View supplier invoices

Advanced booking systems now offer automation for both reservation and after-sales management procedures. One example is report creation as it’s doable with a few clicks instead of your employees spending countless hours trying to compile data to a spreadsheet. Automation for online reservation systems may also mean sending relevant messages to customers after booking confirmation and following their acquisition of your business’ services.

5. Relevant Images of Bookable Services

Last, don’t forget to include high-quality and relevant images to bookable services. Hotel rooms, restaurant food, massage services, and airline travel photos should have a place in the reservation system.

Make sure only to use original images of the rooms. You don’t have to fill pages with numerous pictures. A few appropriate photos are enough to let potential customers view the accommodation or reservation before the purchase.

Never use the booking system to display false photos in an attempt to win the trust of app visitors during the early stages of reservation. Misleading or irrelevant images can leave a negative impact on your business.

Online reservation systems help create several opportunities to streamline business processes for companies in service-fulfillment industries. For example, take advantage of an online travel booking application to simplify reservation processes for long-distance commutes. Several benefits await your company with the use of this system as it gives you speed, accuracy, automation, and centralization for numerous business functions.