Managing a company with professional people is itself a task next to impossible. Then, think of how challenging it would be to manage a school with children. Definitely it will be a hard nut to crack. But then, to manage these tasks school management software was developed. For them, this software seems like God because of its attractive features. The remarkable features are discussed below to let you know about it:

  • Admission work can be made easier because of the smart way used. This eliminates the need of bundle of files.
  • Students who are late or absent are identified easily and the information is updated to the parents through a message automatically
  • Parents can view their child’s behavior, grade card, teacher’s information through the parent portal module, in the software.
  • The student’s information is kept with high security and cannot be accessed by everyone.
  • It helps us to manage all kinds of modules in a school, like hostels, examinations, transport, front office, campus cleaning, etc. So, the work can be done easily with a perfect scheduling.
  • One of the biggest features is the alumni network. Sending invites to the former students of the school can also be managed with the help of the software.
  • It has web based parent login system and is integrated with tally for best calculation of data.

These are the best school management software mostly used in Middle East, India and Other Countries

1. School Time:

School Time helps us to make our work better by data representation in the form of charts. We can access the software through our smart phones, so we can update or retrieve data anytime from anywhere.It also allows us to get online fees option.

2. Fedena:

Fedena is user-friendly and is updated time-to-time based on user comments. It uses biometric integration, to minimize the time of search. It is installed in a web server or a local server and can run under Ubuntu 11.04 / CentOS 6. Fedena is supported and used by more than 40000  schools.

3. Eduflex:

Eduflex is a software which can automate entire campus. It covers a lot of modules at a single shot. It is cheaper and can be maintained at zero investment cost. It manages school activities and creates school timetable in advance for better planning.

4. Fekara:

Fekara is a cloud based school management software which you can use it on your phone, computer and other devices. The basic version of this software is free.

Fekara can manage your education institutions in learning, operation and administration activities. I can manage all activities of institutes, schools and colleges including student attendance, time table, admission, user management, student information and more.

5. SchoolPro:

SchoolPro software is flexible and can give us advanced customizable reports.  It is of error free and with proven quality. It saves our time and can manage multiple campuses at a time. It gives quick access on required information and is easy to use.

6. Edsine:

Edsine, a software , which brings staff, students and administration closer by its chat feature. It supports a lot of languages and can be customized easily by the school as per the requirement. It allows us to generate report of modules whenever required.

Well, to plan beyond our memory, it is required to take help of school management software. The bad news is that time flies, but, the good news is that you are the pilot. So instead of thinking to bring the wasted time back, fly with it. Choose the one which is perfect for your needs and enjoy its benefits.

Top 10 Education Management Software in Dubai

Education software is a term utilized for any computer programming made for an educational reason. It envelops various ranges from language learning programming to classroom management software to reference programming. This software is to make some parts of education with more powerful and proficient. Nowadays, educational software is constituents the identity of a school as it could convey all the related tasks. Software at present even gives the facility and access to guardians for a bird’s perspective on their children’s progress in the classroom.

Library management system:

Library Management is a complete solution for digitalizing your library. This product incorporates Book, Author, Publisher management, Book issue-get records. Additionally, it will calculate the fine based on the date given back. It is generally simple to use programming for a librarian. Library Management has Master, Registration of staffs and individuals, Manage Books, Manage Books issues, return, restore and Reports. This Library Management System is a lightweight stage for schools, universities and any educational institutions, book shops, etc. It sports a spotless and intuitive interface that allows you to add another book to the list by determining the title, writer name, distributer, subject, category, edition, buying date, and cost.

UC-School ERP software

UC-School ERP software is a profoundly agile and cooperative school management software solution, which assists schools with enhancing their functional proficiency to decrease the overall cost. It will engage school management staff, educators, students and guardians with the right data at the perfect opportunity to follow up on it successfully.

Software is pleased to illuminate you that they are advancing an ERP Software Solution for education organizations like UC-School. As you know, it is time to use innovation to improve our schools’ practice and execution efficiency. They thank you for taking as much time as necessary to find out about our UC-School item. And for you ahead of time for your support, and look forward to supporting your schools with our smart school ERP Software UC-School. is a secure and harmless methodology towards web based proctoring. AI-based mechanized proctoring facilitates academic managers to make and lead cheat-confirmation tests while regarding the privacy of their test takers. Any organization can now conduct remote proctored tests hassle-free. ULearn can be easily coordinated with any learning management framework within a customized pack which is financially effective.


Myly is a cloud based innovation platform for Schools, Colleges, Coaching classes and Hobby classes. It permits education organizations to deal with their Academics, Administration and Communication with the Parents by using a single coordinated platform. The advantage of utilizing an incorporated platform is that there is no information duplication, and every one of your information is updated every time. More than 750 training organizations are using this item worldwide. Myly has been rewarded as the Best Technology Enabled Learning Platform at the World Education Summit in Dubai. It is additionally recognized by DIPP, Govt. of India.


ULMS is an effective classroom platform and learning management framework built for web based coaching. The effective classroom is browser-based and does not require any download to join the classroom. Cooperative devices will incorporate an online whiteboard, screen sharing, and media sharing. You can even play with a demo virtual classroom without making an account. Picking the right virtual classroom software for your association will empower your association to transfer the knowledge to your students more effectively and make more successful results.


Teno is a Leading School Management Application that assists organizations with administrative and academic tasks. Its digitized arrangement aims to help schools with their daily tasks and improve overall efficiency and performance. Instructors, Students, Parents, and Management can get to all school exercises with this single school management application.

The assortment of features in Teno’s school management application will also perform functions like Worksheets, Student/Teacher Attendance, Fees Payment list, Online Marks list, Timetable/Live Classes, Mark sheet, Bus Tracking, work on the whole to give complete school management and digital education administration.

Auzmor Learn

Auzmor Learn is a learning management service (LMS) that is simple and makes learning fun and engaging. It is an adaptable cloud-based LMS platform for average sized and large enterprises. It assists in constructing highly interactive courses and pulling in with readymade courses. It upholds both on-demand and instructor-led training that give a varied learning experience. It will integrate with HRIS and execution management devices to keep client information in sync. Social learning and gamification, along with the portable learning application, connect with a learning experience. Additionally, it has highly adjustable reports and experiences that help administrators and supervisors to stay informed and drive achievement.


Myhomeworkhelponline can assist students with every subject instructed in school, whether it is English, science, accounts, economics, computer science, math or some other, myhomeworkhelponline can find you the solutions you want. The administration is available 24×7, and students can find solutions to their questions through a live chat with academics free from any charge. College students will also rely upon our specialists for their dissertations.

Engage2Serve (e2s)

Engage2Serve (e2s) is a worldwide provider of student life cycle software for higher education. The item will optimize how institutions connect with and serve diverse populations by utilizing the force of mobile phones. Together it will assist your staff with building significant, customized relationships with students, directing them across the entire student lifecycle travel through computerized empowerment and best practices that upgrade enlistment, student achievement, and progression.


Cacoo will behave like a tool that assists with flowcharts, outlines, cause and logical results situations and more. This will assist students with being more corporate-ready when they know about Cacoo. Cacoo allows students and educators to keep in touch even remotely. Coordinating with Google Apps for Education exposes students to an extensive scope of academic projects.


A framework is used to robotize school’s everyday tasks. Fedena is strong for college and school management programming included in all academic and administrative exercises. It has 50+ element rich modules. It is a cloud-based school enterprise resource planning (ERP) programming that permits the schools and universities to manage e-learning and everyday administrative assignments from a single platform. It conducts internet-based classes, manages assessment and grade book, transport, examination, mass information management, students progress following, reports, parent-teacher collaboration, attendance, fee management, and 50+ element rich school ERP modules. Apart from this, Fedena will also offer mobile applications, multi-school management solutions, and different integrations to work on daily activities.

Libsys 10

LIBSYS 10 is online libraries management solution to upgrade the complete library experience through value added elements and administrations. It will also cover Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, Serials, Dean and Vendor entries along with improved OPAC. A consistent work process will empower library staff with a powerful tool to manage library tasks efficiently. LIBSYS 10 is a library management framework with a user-friendly interface based on global guidelines and available technology. New purchase approvals, assortment improvement, material dealing, SDI administrations, bindery management and a host of different functions from a necessary part of the framework. MARC21/RDA interface along with controlled power documents helps in Cataloguing on the fly. Federated searching will bring you different libraries of similar collections within your reach.


RnR is completely dedicated to assisting you with following your methodologies efficiently and effectively in real-time. Your vision will be accomplished sooner if you tie up in serving your customers while expanding your market portion of the overall industry at the earliest. It will be your market accomplices as you continue looking for excellence. The RujulERP will monitor your tasks to know about the specific current status of your plans and executions. This will enable you to adapt to the situations and events that you might be faced with the course for throughout your everyday exchanges. ERP solutions are planned very well and custom-designed to take care of every one of your necessities and assist you with accomplishing development in all aspects.


SkyPrep is a Learning Management System intended to work on internal training by allowing associations to transfer, computerize, and scale your training programs easily. It is also for training the consistence, onboarding, professional development or customer-facing training. Course conveyance is fast and easy to set up simply by moving your substance, dropping your content, and building the appraisals that go with it. Everything is followed continuously, and your clients are independent of our computerized messages and update framework. All your client scores, progress reports, and how their time is spent is then united into reports accessible to access at any time. Certification is additionally automated for accounting.


JibuSMS is one School Management Software that will empower your institutions to offer remote learning, cost-effective and safe while empowering you to run the entire association. JibuSMS has been coordinated with ZOOM that assists institutions with directing classes on the web. It may be utilized for distance learning and is equipped with highlights like screen sharing, a whiteboard for presenters, video recording and more, which will make it an ideal companion to take your offline learning on the web.

Bottom line:

Finally, these are some of the software used for education. It will help to improve communication, enhance operational efficiency etc. The institutions can concentrate on every task related to the school. The software can provide better education to their students, and most importantly, it will save time.