Managing a company with professional people is itself a task next to impossible. Then, think of how challenging it would be to manage a school with children. Definitely it will be a hard nut to crack. But then, to manage these tasks school management software was developed. For them, this software seems like God because of its attractive features. The remarkable features are discussed below to let you know about it:

  • Admission work can be made easier because of the smart way used. This eliminates the need of bundle of files.
  • Students who are late or absent are identified easily and the information is updated to the parents through a message automatically
  • Parents can view their child’s behavior, grade card, teacher’s information through the parent portal module, in the software.
  • The student’s information is kept with high security and cannot be accessed by everyone.
  • It helps us to manage all kinds of modules in a school, like hostels, examinations, transport, front office, campus cleaning, etc. So, the work can be done easily with a perfect scheduling.
  • One of the biggest features is the alumni network. Sending invites to the former students of the school can also be managed with the help of the software.
  • It has web based parent login system and is integrated with tally for best calculation of data.

These are the best school management software mostly used in Middle East, India and Other Countries

1. School Time:

School Time helps us to make our work better by data representation in the form of charts. We can access the software through our smart phones, so we can update or retrieve data anytime from anywhere.It also allows us to get online fees option.

2. Fedena:

Fedena is user-friendly and is updated time-to-time based on user comments. It uses biometric integration, to minimize the time of search. It is installed in a web server or a local server and can run under Ubuntu 11.04 / CentOS 6. Fedena is supported and used by more than 40000  schools.

3. Eduflex:

Eduflex is a software which can automate entire campus. It covers a lot of modules at a single shot. It is cheaper and can be maintained at zero investment cost. It manages school activities and creates school timetable in advance for better planning.

4. Fekara:

Fekara is a cloud based school management software which you can use it on your phone, computer and other devices. The basic version of this software is free.

Fekara can manage your education institutions in learning, operation and administration activities. I can manage all activities of institutes, schools and colleges including student attendance, time table, admission, user management, student information and more.

5. SchoolPro:

SchoolPro software is flexible and can give us advanced customizable reports.  It is of error free and with proven quality. It saves our time and can manage multiple campuses at a time. It gives quick access on required information and is easy to use.

6. Edsine:

Edsine, a software , which brings staff, students and administration closer by its chat feature. It supports a lot of languages and can be customized easily by the school as per the requirement. It allows us to generate report of modules whenever required.

Well, to plan beyond our memory, it is required to take help of school management software. The bad news is that time flies, but, the good news is that you are the pilot. So instead of thinking to bring the wasted time back, fly with it. Choose the one which is perfect for your needs and enjoy its benefits.