CRMs For Your Small Business

Every business needs a CRM. CRMs are the new buzz words of the century. From tracking projects, real-time customer management, generating leads and converting them into contacts, CRMs take care of all your business worries. But choosing a low-cost, easy-to-develop CRM is crucial for sustaining the growth of your business.

1.   Zoho CRM

Zoho allows you to keep your customers close through multi-channel communication mediums. With many features such as customizing your CRM to your business needs, better analytics and reporting, easy lead generation and conversion with sales productivity tools, better integration, mass email, numerous currencies, workflow management and customer support, Zoho boosts productivity in a countless number of ways. Do away with your business grieves as Zoho CRM keeps your customers intact.

Comparison Zoho CRM Vs Salesforce CRM

2.   Insightly

By providing data security, better integration and visibility, personalized e-mail support and a free option for businesses with limited employee counts, Insightly ranks as one of the top reliable CRMs to use for your business. Presenting custom email templates, sales management and easy generation of leads, alerts and contact synchronization, Insightly helps all kinds of businesses ranging from freelancers to large scale organizations.

Comparison Insightly Vs Salesforce CRM

3.   Freshsales

From tracking lead behavior, real-time email alerts and setting up emails to making calls through their built-in phone feature, freshsales won its place in the CRM business. Closing deals are now easier with freshsales as lead activities are monitored carefully and reports are generated on a regular basis. Freshsales brings everything under one roof, making it easy for users to manage sales and workflow.

Comparison Freshsales Vs Salesforce CRM

4.   SAP CRM

Targeting mid-size and large-size organizations, SAP introduces a CRM for all business sectors ranging from Commerce to Service. With an inclusion of marketing, order management and a 360-degree view of customers, SAP offers an excellent CRM platform allowing better sales and lead generation.

Compare SAP CRM vs Salesforce CRM

(Note: SAP CRM is providing only free trial)

5.   HubSpot

Focused on growing your pipeline, offering periodically updated sales dashboards, scheduling appointments and tracking sales and leads, HubSpot won the spotlight for being one of the top CRM businesses. Filtering leads and contacts easily, tracking customer interaction and recording calls, email and messages are additional features that support HubSpot being one of the top CRM software. With zero training requirements and cost-friendly platforms, HubSpot is your one stop CRM solution.

Compare Hubspot CRM vs Salesforce CRM

6.   Pipedrive

Accurate analysis, email integration, detailed tracking, easier deal management, user-friendly platform and excellent sales management tools highlight Pipedrive as one of the best CRMs for small businesses. Mobile alerts, notifications and better reports help analyze how customers can be targeted and won. Pipedrive takes care of every little detail to make sure you’re on the right track.

Compare Pipedrive CRM vs Salesforce CRM

7.   Podio

What makes Podio stand out is its ability to structure real-time data into one platform.  Creating reports and dashboards that suit your comfort, increasing better communication within your team and the ability to build custom integrations makes Podio a user-friendly CRM software. Workflow management and file sharing is easier now with Podio’s exclusive features waiting to show you the best.

Compare Podio CRM vs Salesforce CRM