Getting to know yourself better is the best way to win any battle. Knowing your talents and limitations will help you turn your flaws into assets and prevail over your circumstances. When you are the head of an organization or a business owner, the same thing happens.

You must first understand yourself if you want to maintain the direction of your company and prevail over hundreds and thousands of rivals in your niche. Technology assessment now enters the picture.  

In what ways, you ask?

Technology assessment is a type of policy research that looks at the immediate and long-term effects of every decision you make. Additionally, it can provide you with an overview of the current state of your business so that you can redesign it. Let’s use this post to explain to you everything you need to understand about tech assessment.

Why Your Business Should Seriously Consider Technology Assessment

As you are aware, technology assessment spans a wide range of topics, from IT evaluations like security, network, and cloud to business evaluations like competitor analysis and gap analysis. This blog entry is specifically designed to assist those who wish to conduct a tech assessment of their online businesses that sell products and services via SaaS, eCommerce, and other online channels. 

There are numerous benefits to conducting a technology assessment for your company. Let’s talk about some of its main elements.

  • Define your standing: As you are well aware, the first step in achieving your goals is understanding your current position. A properly executed technology assessment for business will reveal your company’s exact position by examining your rivals. Then, you can use your imagination and your team’s efforts to outperform your rivals.
  • Identify your objectives: Without a clear understanding of your short- and long-term objectives, things could get worse. Inform your staff of a project’s deadline. But first, it is important to educate yourself, and the results of the company’s tech assessment will tell you when each target expires.
  • Discover your weaknesses. Without giving anything a close inspection, we can fail to notice a hole in it. Similar to this, when you do not give your business your whole attention, you frequently ignore our shortcomings. A technology assessment for business may enable you to thoroughly examine every aspect of your operation.
  • Accept strategies for overcoming. When you are conscious of your shortcomings, no one can prevent you from improving. Utilize tech assessment for business analysis to assist you to take the appropriate actions and put them into practice as quickly as feasible. You will be told what to embrace and what you should not embrace based on the assessment’s results.

A Checklist for Tech Assessment for Business Owners

A full evaluation of the management and performance of your company is a business technology assessment. Without doing a thorough tech assessment for a company, you can be headed for catastrophe without ever realizing it.

Making strategic business decisions will be simple once you have a clear understanding of the current situation of your company. Being proactive will enable you to identify issues early and put solutions into action quickly. You should have a checklist ready before doing a tech assessment of your company, though. What you are going to do and how you are going to achieve it successfully should be reflected in your checklist. 

Let’s create a checklist for assessing the company’s technology.

Competitor Research

How frequently do you evaluate rival products?

A competition analysis should be the first step in your evaluation. You know, a huge number of people launch online businesses every day with fresh ideas and approaches. Additionally, a sizable number of individuals in your niche are outpacing you. Therefore, you must identify your weaknesses and work to overcome them.

Start with a list of your rivals first. Then, determining their advantages and disadvantages, albeit identifying shortcomings, is not at all simple. Check everything, from the speed of the website to the caliber of the products. Once your list is complete, it must be inspected by the management team so that a strategic response or change may be made in light of the fresh data.

Analysis of the Current Circumstances

Find your current status instantly. The objective of this phase is to fully materialize the organization’s strategy, infrastructure, applications, and services.

Start by examining the current business plan to determine whether it requires updating or not. Entrepreneurs may not always understand why they are in the same situation despite having a flawless website with a quick download time. If you do not really know who your genuine customers are and cannot seem to contact them, your company’s approach may be at fault.

Adopt a plan that considers the psychology of the consumer and discover a way to reach out to as many people as you can to improve conversion rates, which can be complemented with a well-planned marketing strategy that includes email marketing. On its side, it is recommended that an email-powered marketing campaign emerges from a good website. Using a free website builder, you get an online tool that will allow you to make a professional-looking business presentation on the web. But that is a topic for a separate text. Anyway, do not let anything stop you from advancing your company. Always keep in mind that, for you, only the sky is the limit!

The Assessment of Network

You will start investigating all network problems during this step. Organize a team to monitor and assess the performance of all workstations, network elements, and servers to make sure they comply with company needs. You must pay close attention to the specific ways in which technology is being used. Additionally, you ought to consider how it is being abused or worked around.

It would be fantastic if you had a deeper understanding of your current network and environment so that you could develop a sufficient budget that is in line with the objectives and needs of your company. It is your obligation to manage and expand your company using recommendations based on your IT team’s analysis of your sector.

Analysis of Gaps

When managing their businesses, the majority of small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs frequently use the break-fix strategy. This implies that they only deal with issues as they arise, which might be harmful to their company’s goals.

Instead of taking a break-fix strategy, it would be far better if you identified all the holes and worked on them. You are aware of your existing situation and have a report on your competition at this point. Compare the two now to determine which area of your company needs to be updated.

Unlike the other phases, this one will determine how far or how little you advance based on your analytical skills. Therefore, our advice is to take your time to write up the finest analysis report possible for a better result.

List of Recommendations and Task Assignment

You should have knowledge of where you want to be but more importantly, where you are right now and by the time you complete these phases, as was previously said. You should be able to create a list of recommendations and designate people to implement them based on their areas of expertise because you have a solid understanding of the issue and the desired outcome.

Sometimes issues begin within your team. If you are a team leader or a business owner, you should determine whether members of your team are maximizing the use of their current stack or abusing it. You want to recommend some ideal tools for effectively handling this enormous task. We will discuss several fantastic tools that can be useful to you in the paragraph that follows a bit later.

The Implementation Plan

You must now develop your implementation strategy for the goal state. It is important to consider how you will approach these issues rather than just the difficulties you hope to resolve.

Create a thorough implementation strategy and assign due dates to each objective. An imbalance of the works is one issue we frequently see at this point. Do not, for instance, allocate a marketing team to work on product development and the opposite.

Biz Tech Assessment Resources to Organize Your Team and Tasks

A project management system is required for a smooth working process once the implementation plan is complete and responsibilities have been delegated to various teams.

The fact that it aids your staff to perform on time and get organized is the best part. For your sake, let’s select a proper project management tool.

WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager poses as a clever tool for managing any size of project, either small or large. You can use it to increase your productivity at work and it has both free and premium versions. The WP Project Manager basic edition (free) is already being used by more than 10,000 individuals. You can make the best use of your planning and resources by using this project manager.

You need a project manager who can effectively arrange and keep track of all activities and projects at this stage. The same may be accomplished using WP Project Manager, which will also make it easier for you to meet your deadline. Your job will be more enjoyable than ever thanks to its sophisticated and clever features, such as a time management tool for effective time monitoring and advanced reports for comprehensive insights into everything. Make your team’s collaboration more efficient and surpass your rivals by one step.


You may have real-time control over your company’s finances with the use of WP ERP. You can use it to handle suppliers, customers, numerous reports, sales, and expenses all in one place. It is also connected with project management software to help you manage your projects more successfully.

WP ERP is also available in free and paid editions. The first complete ERP system that allows you to manage both your business and WordPress site from a unified platform is WP ERP free.

Unlike other ERP programs, WP ERP has a Project Management Module and more than 20 extensions. It produces comprehensive and real-time reports, creates invoices, pays employees, and executes transactions all in one location. With robust accounting features, CRM, and HR Manager, it maximizes your small- to medium-sized businesses.


The project management application Panorama has an intuitive dashboard that is simple to use. From the WordPress dashboard, you may assign the project procedures. You can keep track of all project activity using a single platform. With this WordPress plugin, you will be able to conveniently track and summarize the details of your project.

You can easily see the project status with Panorama. Members of the team will each have a dashboard where they can see the work they are currently doing. This dashboard can be completely customized. Panorama presents the reports using elegant yet straightforward charts.

Analyze the Findings for Additional Tech Assessment

We can claim with certainty that you have obtained the results after selecting a tool for project management and putting all the business technology evaluation processes into practice.

The last stage is to document your plan thoroughly on paper so that you may avoid hassles later. Your finished paper ought to have:

  • A high-level summary
  • Clearly state the problem you are trying to solve and the request you are making.
  • Each of the specifics of deployment and implementation
  • Information about project ownership and deadlines

You will find this paperwork useful as you get ready for another technology audit for your company.

Final Thoughts

Use this quick and effective tech assessment to reinvigorate your company. Do not allow anyone to slow you down as you compete in the eCommerce industry. 

Find out where you have gaps in knowledge, then fill them.