Although Salesforce is the buzz word for CRMs for a very long time, SugarCRM is increasing in popularity due to its wide range of enterprise level clients and low price tag. Having similar features and same platform, SugarCRM and Salesforce compete shoulder to shoulder with respect to pricing, features, clients and more. For businesses that sprung up earlier, Salesforce seems more “comfortable” since it meets all industry standards and the UI appears to be more traditional. With more flexibility towards pricing, SugarCRM poses a tough competition for Salesforce. Let’s take a look at the differences:



With easy drag and drop features, SugarCRM allows users to modify and customize CRM software according to their requirements. SugarCRM is an open source platform and allows developers to use their creativity to develop their own source code and this is available to everyone. Salesforce CRM restricts customization to the admin and all modules and changes can only be done through the admin panel.


The Professional edition of Salesforce is nearly a $100 more than SugarCRM per user per month. The Enterprise edition of Salesforce is a $60 more than SugarCRM per user per month. SugarCRM is easier on the pockets and is more affordable as it is less than $100 per user per month. The best part of SugarCRM is that they have allowed a minimum of 10 users per month to the paid version.

Target Audience

Salesforce targets mid-size and large enterprises due to its exorbitant pricing and wide variety of features including customization capabilities. SugarCRM aims to target freelancers, MSMES, large enterprises and NGOs as well. SugarCRM’s ability to scale to any sized business makes it suitable for all business sizes.

Customer Support

SugarCRM offers Live chat support, phone support and Training as well. Salesforce only provides call support and training. With wide range of training certifications online for each upgraded version, Salesforce equips users prior to any issues, although the certifications come with a price. SugarCRM has a vendor email as well, where users can contact them in case of any issues.


SugarCRM is available on Windows, Linux, Mac and any browser. Salesforce CRM is available on iPhone, iPad and Android as well in addition to all other browsers and OSes. 


Both SugarCRM and Salesforce CRM have robust features and are customizable to user preferences. Salesforce has its stand in the market for a very long time and maintains industry standards while SuagrCRM is more easier on the user, providing open source platforms and pocket-friendly options. Choosing the CRM that’s right for your business can grow the company to heights! SugarCRM or Salesforce, the choice is yours!