The businesses have become more competitive than ever. It is important for the retail stores to stay updated in order to  stay in the competition. Customers became more cautious about the purchasing and providing them with the bill is mandatory these days. If you own a retail store and are searching for a reliable and good billing software, then you are in the right place. This article comprises of the best billing software that are available in India.

1. Reach Accountant

With the implementation of GST (goods and service tax) in 2017, the billing methods has changed. It has become mandatory to include the basic amount and tax in the invoice. Reach Accountant is the latest and most reliable software providing the GST billing provision. Apart from billing, there are so many benefits with the reach accountant that helps the businesses. It accommodates inventory management, accounting, invoicing, auditor view, mobile application for quick access, etc.

2. Marg ERP 9+ Billing Software

This software has a simple interface and it is easy to use. At the same time the software is very powerful. It supports the individual as well as chain businesses. From retail distribution to accounting, the Marg ERP 9+ billing software takes care of everything that is important for the maintenance of a retail business. It is affordable and all the features of Marg are commendable. So there is no way that the customer will be disappointed with the software.

3. Sleek Bill India

Sleek bill India is one of the best invoicing software in India. It is fast and can provide the invoice in various kinds of templates. It is the best option for the retail stores.  Sleek bill India can also provide quotations, proformas and challans. This is the one stop solution for all the retail store requirements. Some of the amazing features of sleek bill India are invoicing, inventory management, database of the products, invoice templates, etc.

4. Tally ERP9

This is the most famous billing software in the list. Tally ERP9 is a well known invoicing and billing software across India. The software is apt for all kinds of businesses. It is capable of inventory management, accounting, payroll, etc. Most of the retail stores out there uses this software only.

5. HD Accounts and Billing

HDPOS is a windows based Invoice and billing software which has been used by most of the people. The software is simple and has a clean interface. A newbie will also be able to use the software after some days of usage. Warehouse management, inventory management, billing, accounting, preparation of quotations and estimations can be done with this software. The price of the software is also affordable so it is perfect for the small businesses.

6. Reeleezee

GST billing has been made easy with Reeleezee software. This is the best software available in the market. There are no complex inputs or criteria that one has to follow while using this software. It can be operated without any fuss. Some of the amazing features of this software are Invoicing, taxation management, recurring invoice, VAT, reports. The software is apt for the smalll and medium sized businesses.

7. Invoicera

It is one of the best online & cloud based invoicing software available in the market. This is the perfect invoice for the small retail businesses. It has been used widely by the freelancers too. Some of its amazing features are invoicing, time tracking, recurring invoice, payment handling, reports, etc. If you have a small sized business, then it is better to go with invoicera.

8. ProfitBooks Invoicing

It is simple, fast and strong invoicing software present in the market. It helps in tracking all the business functions, manages the inventory. It is perfect for all types of software. There are so many amazing features of  this software which made it the one stop solution for  all the requirements of a retail store.

9. QuickBooks

It is one of the famous billing software in India. The software has simple and easy to use interface which makes it perfect for all kinds of business. It can be accessible from anywhere and you can know about your business on the go. It helps with inventory management, invoicing, tax management, integration of banking, reports, payment management, etc. The software is of affordable cost which is another amazing advantage.

10. Just Billing

Just Billing is like a one stop solution for all the requirements of retail stores. From inventory management to invoicing, every activity can be done with just a click. It even has a mobile billing app which makes invoicing even better. Some of the features of Just Billing are quick and easy billing, user friendly interface, manages the payments and the expenses.

Billing software has become mandatory for all the retail businesses after the implementation of GST. These are the top ten software that provides the best features that are important for the retail business irrespective of their size.