No matter whether it is a small business or a large one, CRM has become a mandatory for every business. As the technology has been updating, all types of businesses in UAE are implementing the CRM software. Choosing the right CRM software for the management of business is mandatory. This way it becomes easy to manage the business and as the software concentrates on the customer management, the employees can work on other things.

There are many CRM Software available in the market and it is important for the businesses to be extremely careful while picking the right software for their customer relationship management.

Here are the top CRM software in UAE

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce has been the best CRM software present in the list when it comes to UAE. But when the features are taken into consideration, salesforce is one of the best option present in the market. All the features of this software are very important for managing the customers in a business and it is the one stop solution for all kinds of requirements. As the pricing increases, you will get more amazing features.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM one of the best CRM software solutions across the world since some years. Zoho knows that each business has different needs and hence provides the software that are suitable for each and every business separately. The customization of the Zoho software is very easy and thus can be modified according to the requirements. Zoho has different kinds of pricing based on the type of businesses. Each pricing will be suitable for different types of businesses.


After Zoho, Leadsquared attracted the businesses in UAE a lot. Their hassle free and easy to use CRM solutions will  help in creating the leads, automating and managing them. Leadsquared is the one stop solution for all the customer relationship requirements of a company. They provide the sales tracking option using which you can track the sales and work according to the requirement. The mobile CRM app helps in accessing the CRM software from anywhere.


Are you in search of a software that is helpful for your business and increase its productivity? Then the Freshsales is the right option. Freshsales is one of  the most famous CRM software solutions in UAE. One can make calls, send the emails, create reports, track the sales, visualize the pipeline with the help of this freshsales. There are different kinds of packages based on the type of business. Freshsales make it easy to maintain the customers for any kind of business.


Metadata is one of the most famous and all in one CRM solution for a business. This single cloud based software will help in maintaining a good and sustaining relationship with the customers. Compared to the other software solutions present in this list, Metadata is one of the cost effective solution which is helpful for all kinds of businesses. There are various famous companies out there who chose metadata to carry out their customer relationship tasks.

Super CRM from Alwafaa Group

Alwafaa is a very prominent software solutions provider in UAE. The Super CRM is the product of Alwafaa group. The Super CRM software helps in maintaining a sustained relationship with the customers. The generation of leads and its management is given a higher priority. The information of the customers and the documents regarding the business are integrated in one CRM software so that it can be used according to the requirement. Alwafa is a trusted company so is the Super CRM Software.

Digital Agency Dubai CRM from Europe Webs Technology

Digital Agency Dubai is a part of the Europe Webs Technology. It offers the digital assistance for the businesses and CRM is a part of it. Digital Agency CRM is a one stop solution for marketing, sales and support. They help in extending the market with the help of email marketing, telephone marketing, social media and through some other marketing techniques. They have different kinds of alternate tactics which they will use when one is not working.

Coral CRM

Coral CRM is another amazing CRM software that is mostly used in UAE. The software is completely customizable according to the requirement of customers. It provides user wise monitoring and if there are any complaints from the user, it provides those complaints individually. It provides the full customer facility option so that you can talk to the customer whenever necessary. Even the minute information is stored in this software and alerts are given all the time to avoid any loss.

Adept Business Solutions CRM software

Adept is one of the most famous CRM software solutions company. The CRM is the web based software and is very easy to use. It even helps in managing the warehouse. The management of the opportunities is carried out perfectly and developing as well as maintaining the customer relationships is also made easy.


NetSuite is another amazing CRM software which is apt for all kinds of businesses. It offers all the features which are essential for the customer management in all kinds of businesses. There are many attractive features in this software which helped in bringing it into the top position.

These are the best CRM software that are used in UAE. UAE is considered as one of the best place for making the investments and because of the booming businesses in this country, the importance of CRM has been doubled.