There are many different types of academic rules and regulations that vary from one school to another. Management of academic institutions that have more than 500 students is a tedious task when handled manually. Software thus helps in automating processes from application forms to HR operations, that make running a school easier. Here are the top 10 school management software in India for all types of educational institutes.

1. Fedena

Fedena is an open source school management software that holds all student information, employee, staff and admin information in one module. From time table, attendance, online payments, fees management, reports and analysis, online assignments and more, Fedena takes care of all school management operations.

2. FreshSchools

Everything that involves school management is noted under FreshSchools. This includes arranging PTA meetings, tracking events, setting up meetings between staffs and employees, tracking applications and storing student data.

3. SAF School Management Software

SAF is a school management software that makes decision making a lot more easier than it appears to be. Managing student data, integrating school solutions and maintaining employee information is easier with SAF.

4. Skyward School Management

Skyward takes care of administration, HR, student profiles, employee management, finance and accounting and a lot more functions with respect to schools. Automated school management is better management any day.

5. mySkoolApp

mySkoolApp takes care of both school and college management. mySkoolApp is a tool that helps with management of educational institutes, parents and teacher associations, meetings and all school activities.

6. SchoolPro

SchoolPro gives real-time updates of examinations, fees collected, dues, school rules, HR and payroll and library activities. SchoolPro is a systematic school management software that helps with all school functions.

7. CampSteer

CampSteer is a cost-effective school management software that helps improve school operations and administrative operations. CampSteer keeps track of all campus activities at one centralized place.


EDUMAAT handles all operations starting from administration till graduation of students. Managing fees, attendance, time tables, meetings, records, reports, student data, examination results, progress reports and much more, EDUMAAT is a reliable school management software.

9. Astral School Management Software

Through seamless automation and integration with existing software tools, Astral removes the pain of school management. Astral has a suite of modules specific to each school management function and type.

10. SchoolCube

SchoolCube is a school management platform that helps with courses, fees, registration, application, academics and more. SchoolCube is a powerful tool that helps remove the hassle of paper work and manual operations.


Going paper-free is trending and incorporating technology to reduce the hassle of manual operations has become a necessity. With educational institutes rising with generations, it is a need to bring about change in the administration through automating school management with software. Choosing the right software based on the school size and management capacity is a good way to start.