An invoice is a commercial document that stands as proof between the seller and the buyer. It helps in recording transaction between seller and the customer. They can either be printed on a paper or can be generated with the help of invoice software that are readily available for electronic devices. Invoice helps the recipient to understand the details about the things he purchased and can also check whether all the items he bought are there. The most basic purpose of an invoice is that it helps to keep an eye on the record of sales. It provides an understanding about the number of goods that was sold, the amount of money received. In other words, invoice can basically be considered as similar to a bill.

Invoice software becomes handy as it helps in easily storing the documents and allows faster retention of particular transactions of specific dates. Invoice software allows to create and customize your own invoices. It is a tool that can be used to electronically generate billing for services and goods. Most of these invoices are created by using templates which can be created according to one’s taste and profession, which makes it easier for the business. Since everyone is shifting to electronic devices in this internet era, invoices can also be produced with the help of software. Invoice software makes it easy to create and customize invoices, facilitate billing and payment and generate reports wherever necessary. If you are looking for invoicing software, here is a list of 5 invoice software for Windows 10 which will make your business go smooth.

1. FreshBooks invoice software:

This is ideal for small businesses as it makes invoicing and billing simple and accurate. It has features which helps to add due dates, automatic calculation of taxes, instant updates whenever an invoice has been viewed and paid. It also provides discounts. FreshBooks invoice is suitable for any platform- desktop, mobile, tablet, pc or Mac. It also offers maximum safety of private data because it is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption which is the gold standard in internet security. It also has a cloud based billing system. FreshBooks invoice also provides professional looking printable invoice templates. It allows to customize the look of your invoice including layout, font, color etc. it helps in sending invoices whenever necessary. FreshBooks also offer the opportunity for calculating taxes without any mistakes as it helps in doing all the calculations for the user. It also has a feature for reminding clients about the late payments which helps the seller to track down the customer. The preview option in the software allows the user to see the invoice before sending it to the customer so that the user can avoid any mistake. It also allows to duplicate the invoices that are send earlier thereby saving time and work. The multi-language invoice option makes it simple for the user to send invoice in multiple languages to the customer.

2. Invoice 360:

As the name suggests, this software provides 360 view of your business information at your fingertips. It helps in creating invoices to customers which can be easily edited. The cloud sync server allows for the privacy of the users data. The app is also designed in black and white color which promotes the fact that the software is simple yet elegant to carry out the necessary functions. This software can be used on both windows 8/10 on both tablets and desktops. The interface used to create templates are pretty simple so that it is not time consuming. This software also have an in-built pdf engine that helps in converting the generated data into pdf format, so that additional third party pdf plugins are not necessary.

3. Zoho:

It is a GST compliant software suited for all kind of businesses which allows user to create and send invoices faster. It is the best tool available for freelancers and small business owners. It is easy to use, and like every other invoice software, it also creates customized invoices, payment remainders, automates recurring invoices and thank you notes. The price starts at $9 per month. A free trial version is also available which helps to test the software. It has a good interface and proper navigation tools. But the free version only allows five invoices per month.

4. IRISmart Invoice:

Perfect for freelancers, this invoice stands out as it is efficient and manageable by the users. Invoice classification is semi-automatic as the invoices are sorted daily on the basis of supplier or date. The document processing is pretty faster as it speeds up to 30 pages per minute. This software also creates compressed pdfs and is compatible with most of the scanners. The interface is simple as it is easy to archive and retrieve the invoices from the device. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so the potential users can test the product and decide whether they should buy it or not.

5. Harvest:

This invoice software started in 2006, is fairly affordable and does the job in simple steps. It is basically a time tracking tool which also provides invoice and timesheet features for the users. It is cloud based, so no installation is required. The software is used by more than 50,000 users. Harvest is ideal for small scale businesses and it supports invoice templates with very basic customization.