Electronic Health Record systems for your small business can vary from small providers to large providers. The first choice that strikes your mind might be large EHR providers, but often this becomes the wrong choice since they are complex and expensive as well. Pricing is the most important criteria to consider, as small businesses would only cover a small budget. Here are a few suggestions for the best EHR systems for small practices.


Easy to use, well-integrated with existing systems, great billing systems and easy training modules make NextGen one of the best EHR systems for small practices.


SOAPware requires only one-time activation that costs around $2000 and after that the software is all yours, with around $399 monthly subscriptions. This cost-effective software is also highly customizable with a large number of interfaces. SOAPware is highly recommended for small practices and is best for small practices.

Praxis EMR

Praxis EMR is incorporated with Artificial Intelligence and has machine-learning capabilities. Praxis has no set up fee and starts at $199 per user per month. Praxis EMR saves time, cost and focuses on high-quality service.

Care 360

Care 360 is an affordable EHR system that has a good support system and is extremely customizable. It starts at $250 per user per month, consisting of flexible plans that are well-suited for small practices.

Kareo Clinical EHR

With easy-to-use features, code encounters and manage EHR operations, Kareo Clinical is a cloud-based software with fully integrated technology. Low-priced and fit for small companies, Kareo is one of the best EHR systems.

GE Healthcare

Suitable for all types of enterprises,  GE Healthcare gives quality services and is a high-quality Electronic Medical Record system. GE Healthcare provides the best Practice Management Solution, that helps enhance EHR activities


Sevocity compiles effective analysis and charts to consolidate data and provide the best EHR service. Sevocity provides less implementation charges and the best support experience. From automating manual tasks to providing easy integration with existing software, Sevocity is one of the best EHR systems suited for small practices.