Solving business issues may cost a fortune, but sometimes it does not have to be that way. Investing in the right choices to set your business in the right path is key to a successful business. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems may be robust enough to get your business on the track, by helping with the entire system management. Here is a list of open source ERP software for small businesses:

1. Odoo

Odoo is a free open source ERP software which is previously known as OpenERP. It build with topnotch technology provides solutions for E-commerce, sales, inventory, point of sale, project and accounting. More than 2 million users worldwide are using odoo to grow their business. Odoo is available free for 1 app, it has a different pricing plan if you want to go for multiple app.

With a user-friendly framework and faster operations, Odoo is well known for being one of the best open source ERP software. Allowing timesheet, projects and in-app integrations, Odoo boosts sales with CRM, POS and Sales applications.

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2. iDempiere


iDempiere is also a free ERP solution with CRM, SCM support for all business process. This software also known as Adempiere.
iDempiere suitable for all OS including Linux, Windows, Mac and Solaris.

Completely navigable on desktop, mobile phones and tablets, iDempiere is a famous ERP solution that provides both CRM and supply chain management functions.

3. webERP

webERP is a cloud based free ERP software which provides best practice, multi users business administration and accounting solutions for all business. webERP has multiple features which can be used by many businesses especially manufacturing, distribution and whole sale.

webERP is a web-based ERP solution that works with web browsers and pdf readers. Combined with a POS system, webERP helps with retail management as well. WebERP is well-known as a fast, web-based and integrated business administration software.

4. ERPNext

ERPnext is a comprehensive ERP Software with more powerful features including HR Management, Accounting. CRM, Asset Management, Project, Sales, Purchasing and Point of sale. This software is available free for all users.

Taking care of accounting, inventory, supply chain management and full operations of businesses, ERPNext is extremely useful as it is open source and customizable. Built with a unique framework, ERPNext is easy to use and has a community built around it, to find developers and service providers with same interests.

5. Dolibarr

Compatible with businesses large or small, Dolibarr has both ERP and CRM software that takes care of customers, accounting, shipments, products and more. Suitable for accomplishing all business needs, Dolibarr helps create a comfortable business management strategy with the tools available.

Dolibarr is free and open source software specially designed for small businesses to manage their functionalities including customers, invoices, orders, products, stocks, agenda, emailings, shipments. This software is also providing CRM solution.

6. Opentaps

An ERP + CRM tool, Opentaps takes operations in the cloud which makes it more easier to access features and more. From analytics, eCommerce, Warehousing, CRM and financing, Opentaps helps with administration activites as well.

Open tab is a fully integrated free open source CRM and ERP solution. It can manage almost all business process including finance, CRM, warehouse and inventory, supply chain , finance, business intelligence, e-commerce, and mobility integration.

7. xTuple

XTuple deals with enterprise software and is well known to be an open source ERP solution that offers accounting, CRM and provides business operations management tools. xTuple offers customizable reports, fully integrated CRM that helps manage complex business activities and more. One of the best open source ERP and accounting software for business, xTuple has a rich API that connects to third party applications, offering free user registrations, trial offers and more.

It is a open source CRM, E-commerce and ERP Software which you can try as free trial. xTuple provides solution for e-commerce, sales, marketing, finance, retail, manufacturing, distribution and supply chain.

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