Performance management is evolving. Many companies in the UAE are realizing that the traditional approach no longer works. Organizations are scouring the best HR performance management systems in UAE to find one with the most comprehensive benefits. Since 2019, 81% of HR managers have made some sort of changes to their traditional performance management system, according to a study by Gartner. Industry professionals understand that performance management software should align with business goals – having performance management for the sake of it is not enough!

What should good performance management have, and what advantages will it provide for UAE businesses?

What is performance management?

Performance management is how your business engages with employees. You are evaluating employee efforts and contributions, figuring out the best way to help employees achieve goals and develop their skills. When done right, performance management is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal to get the most out of your team. 

Back in the old days, traditional performance management revolved around an annual appraisal. Then, a manager and the employee would have a one-on-one to review what happened during the year. 

But the modern workplace is fast-moving, and the old method doesn’t work. Agile, modern performance management includes weekly or monthly catch-ups, regular and consistent feedback, goal-setting and continuous progress reviews, and development and learning opportunities. 

More and more organizations are also taking advantage of tools such as Bayzat. Performance management software systems make different tasks easier and bring employees and managers closer together. 

But why is performance management so important? 

The benefits of an HR management system

At its simplest, you can use performance management to get the best out of your employees. You will nourish your workforce, creating a motivated and engaged staff. Studies consistently show that happier employees are more productive employees. In one survey, changing the organization’s performance approach to a more modern one resulted in 90% of organizations witnessing improvement in employee engagement. 

So let’s look at the key benefits of performance management:

Boost employee motivation

Performance management can engage employees, which leads to a boost in motivation. You support employee development, establishing a clear interest in their skills and roles. Goals and objectives are set together, and this can help employees better understand what your expectations are. Identifiable and actionable goals can be a great catalyst for productivity. It is much easier for the employee to achieve their goals if they have a clear roadmap of getting there. Knowing you have something to look forward to and to work towards can be a big motivational boost. 

Identify development opportunities

Continuous review of employee performance is a powerful tool. You can spot training gaps and identify opportunities to improve employee progression. If any employee is struggling, you can spot these troubles earlier and analyze how to improve the situation.

Modern performance management also includes employees. Your workforce is part of setting development and training objectives which can lead to better results. 

Performance management is all about letting the employees have a say as well. The ability to outline their view of the situation can be effective in identifying skill gaps. 

The main thing is that you’re not just identifying a problem or a lack of skills. You are also setting a path to filling this. Employees won’t feel like they are being penalized for not being able to do a specific task but rather that you’re helping them to gain the right skills to perform at the highest level.

Spot risks earlier

An underperforming or unmotivated workforce can hinder your business progress. An annual review might not really spot these risks, as employees could be feeling great on a particular day. But when you collect feedback and review employee performance regularly, you can identify issues faster. It’s not just that you can provide feedback more regularly for the sake of it. EmploySure research found that 80% of employees actually prefer receiving immediate feedback on their performance rather than having to wait for an annual meeting. 

Employee issues can stem from many reasons. Your workforce could have problems achieving goals due to mental health issues, work conditions or unclear expectations. Regular and honest communication can help spot these risks and fix them before they get out of hand. 

Improve employee retention

As you improve your employee satisfaction, you also make it more likely for them to stay. Talent retention is one of the keys to survival in the modern world of business. The competition for the best skills is heated, and finding ways to ensure your business doesn’t churn out talent is important. 

An HR management system helps with talent retention in many different ways. Employees feel more comfortable at the organization, they are aware of their goals and objectives, and they have the autonomy to act. But the systems can also help employees set future goals and get a clear path to move forward. This can be important for them to realise they are continuously developing and evolving, too. 

Enhance business performance

Overall, a good performance management system can help your business improve its performance. More motivated and skillful employees are more productive. They will deliver better projects, and you’ll hit your targets easier. On top of this, your performance management is constantly and consistently creating more skilled employees and placing them in positions where they thrive. This means you end up creating a lot more value. 

All of this then shows up in a better product and service. Your customers will be happier, and you’ll be able to spread the word quicker. You will grow much quicker and beat your competition in the process!

How can Bayzat help with performance management? 

Performance management is a powerful tool for any organization. While 65% of businesses stated in 2021 that performance management was not a top priority, by 2022, the figure had dropped to 31%. It’s clear that companies are coming around and realizing the power proper performance management can have on an organization. And to succeed, your business needs great software to get all the benefits. 

With our special performance management tool, you can get rid of the guesswork of employee performance. You can set clear goals and objectives for each employee and monitor and track how well employees are doing. You can set up meetings to go over performance reviews regularly, as well as send feedback both ways through the app. You will get all the above benefits in one simple package!

What’s more, is that Bayzat combines the best of HR performance management under one HR software tool. You and your employees can partake in employee surveys, providing feedback on what’s happening. The software has a useful attendance management feature, and you can control time-off requests with a click of a button. This HR software keeps all the employee records in one place, allowing your HR team and the employees to manage relevant information remotely. 

There is no denying the power performance management has for organizational success. With tools like Bayzat, you can make the most out of your employees and ensure your organization is ready for the challenges of the future!