HR management is not an easy task. There are so many things that a HR of an organization must take care of and managing as well as organizing all of them at once is not as easy as it sounds. Accounting software was most important software once but with the increased responsibilities on a HR, the HR software requirement has been increased immensely.

UAE has been developed a lot since some years and it has become a mandatory thing to use the software of different types for a company. HR software is one of the most important software that is required for any company and all the major companies in UAE are using it as per their requirement. Here are the top 10 HR software that is used in UAE.


Zimyo provides a list of software that helps to manage tedious processes like HR and Payroll for your business. The software is highly customizable and user-friendly dashboards give detailed insights about the different processes going currently in your business. It keeps the track of your employees, and leaves and carries out the HR functions effectively. Entrepreneurs who are using this product are recommending this to fellow entrepreneurs. The price is also affordable and they are also offering customized software based on your needs. Their customer support is also top-notch and helps businesses to streamline their process effectively. Overall a wonderful application tailor-made for businesses that offer various services to their customers.


Bayzat, UAEs leading employee benefits platform, helps companies provide their employees with a better experience by automating & enhancing their insurance, payroll, and HR administration. As of today, Bayzat is helping to provide world-class employee experiences to 60,000+ employees. Visit Bayzat to learn how you can take your business to the next level.

Bayzat has expanded its business in Saudi Arabia. Now We are offering HR software & Payroll Management system in Saudi Arabia.

Paylite HRMS

Paylite HRMS  is one of the widely adopted HR software in UAE. It provides the complete solution for all kinds of requirements of a company. This recruitment, appraisal and resume manager software is capable of handling all kinds of responsibilities that a HR usually manage. This software makes it easy to access all the information regarding the candidates, profiles of the employees, salaries, benefits, loans, leaves. It even helps in the automation of project and time management, appraisal management, recruitment management and  payroll software. It is a centralized software.


Everything that a company requires from HR are curated in this software. From recruitment to the payroll, it manages everything. This is another software that has been used widely in UAE. As the development in UAE has increased, it has become mandatory for the companies to conduct recruitments on regular basis to manage the work flow and this PeopleSoft recruitment software is helping in reducing the work of HR manager.

Gulf HR

This software has been created only for the Gulf Countries. The communication can be done in Arabic through this software. It manages the employees recruitment and payroll. The best part of this software is employees can manage it on the go. This can be considered as one of the commendable features of this software. Even if the HR is not in the office, he/she can access the software and the information that it has from anywhere without any hassle. The management and organization of this software is really admirable.

Taleo from Oracle

The companies that operate on global level uses Taleo software mostly. It helps in recruiting the employees, managing the payroll, streamline automation of the employees, monitors their performance from time to time and provides the reports about it. Taleo from Oracle is the one stop solution for all the requirements of the company. Oracle is one of the best solution providers globally and the performance of Taleo is an example.

Zoho People

Zoho is the leading software solutions provider. From CRM to ERP, all the solutions that are provided by Zoho are of top class and the HR software isn’t an exemption. This software has all the features that are essential for the HR management. It helps in recruiting, training, monitoring, arranging the meetings with the employees, payroll management, etc. Zoho People is one of the most used software across the world and their services are also affordable.

Greyt HR

If you are in search of a software that helps in managing the payroll as well as recruitment, then Grey HR is the right option for you. Grey HR has been one of the most used HR software by the companies globally. It can be considered as one stop solution for all the HR management requirements.

HRM Direct

HRM Direct can be considered as the best and most preferred HR management solution to keep the track of employees. A HR’s responsibility won’t end just by hiring the employees, a HR should train them, keep track of their performance and should make sure that how they are working. All these things can be managed with the help of HRM direct easily. It keeps track of everything that an employee do in the organization from the day they are hired.


The specialty of Paywings is its easy to use interface. This easy to use interface helps in using it without any hassle, even the newbies can use it with some days of practice. Paywings helps in segregating the payroll and HR management separately. The best part of the Paywings is it can be integrated with the biometric software in order to keep the record of attendance.


Sage HRMS is the perfect option for the small and medium sized businesses. As the startups has been increasing regularly in Dubai, this Sage HRMS became popular among the users. It helps in keeping the track of the employees and manages them. Because of it amazing features it can be considered as the best Sage HRMS for the small and medium sized business.

Easy HR

Easy HR has all the features that are required for the HR management of an organization, on top of that the another amazing feature that easy HR possess is integrating the records and keeping the track of them all the time. Any kind of mismatches that happened between the employees of an organization can be solved easily with the help of Easy HR.

These are the top 10 HR management solutions that are used in UAE. Each HR management solutions has its unique benefits.