Project Management can be defined as managing a project via software tools. At times things look so simple and easy but when we dig deeper we may find difficulties. The same is with project management also. Consider you are about to start a project by collecting the necessary information from the client and complete an analysis report within an hour. But this will go out of control just because everyone is working on the basis of confusing spreadsheets and email thread. There may be a delay from the client side and you may lose your time. This happens always. Even if we plan ahead we may get this kind of issue, might be due to miscommunication. So, now comes Project Management Software in action, it will make us and the client be on the track and will stop delays through perfect project management tools, even beyond manpower. There are lot of project management tools available in the market, but the most challenging thing is to find best project project management tools. The best way to find absolute project management tool is to compare each software with their features by the compare facility in our website. You can check some of the comparison article such as Salesforce vs Workday , Trello vs Jjira & Workfront vs Zoho

These are the top 10 open source web-based project management software

Project management software is used for more than just managing software projects. It can also be used for a variety of other purposes. To meet project goals and objectives, the web-based software must provide capabilities for planning, organising, and managing resources. A web browser can access web-based project management software through an intranet, WAN, or LAN. There is no requirement to install any additional software on the system. With access control features, the software can be simple to use multi-user. Many companies use this software for all of their projects, and it will help you gather the required information from the client and complete an analysis report in under an hour. However, because everyone is working from complex spreadsheets and email threads, this will spiral out of control. Project Management Software will keep you and your client on track and prevent delays by providing excellent project management capabilities, even if labour is not available. In this, you a can see the top 10 open sources of web-based project management software:

Work front

In terms of collaborative work management, Adobe Workfront is the market leader. Workfront ties strategy to execution by integrating people and data across the organisation and managing work from start to finish to assist teams in achieving measurable results. Workfront provides the business skills that firms need to offer excellent client experiences at every stage of the planning and execution process. Workfront is an online project management tool that helps you to keep track of all of your projects in one spot. It configurable project management system allows teams to accept requests in a standardised format, enabling managers to prioritise new projects, allocate tasks to the appropriate team members, and receive real-time progress updates, all without ever leaving Workfront. It is designed for the project manager, and it has a lot of options for project intake, mapping, and tracking.


Podio, which Citrix now owns, is a collaborative work platform that offers a fresh perspective on how ordinary tasks are completed. Podio gives people more control over their work than they have ever had before, allowing them to handle it better, smarter, and their way. Podio allows you to create and design the online workplace that best fits your function by combining hundreds of specialised and flexible work apps with messaging, tasks, reporting, workflow, and contact management. It substitutes various products from different firms with a single environment and a single login, eliminating fragmented, unstructured work patterns.

Thousands of teams, enterprises, and organisations worldwide rely on Podio to streamline a specific work process or integrate all of their work activities. The capacity of Podio to arrange real-time data onto a single platform sets it apart. Podio is a user-friendly CRM software since it allows you to customise reports and dashboards to your liking, improve team collaboration, and develop custom connectors. Workflow management and file-sharing have never been easier, thanks to Podio’s distinctive capabilities.


Asana is a web and mobile job management software that assists teams in organising, tracking, and managing their projects. One of Asana’s best features is that it can be accessed from any web browser. It saves the data automatically, and it is simple to manipulate. It is a free edition that allows up to 15 team members to collaborate. It boasts a well-thought-out and appealing design. It is ideal for freelancers and distant employees. Tasks should be organised and assigned. With lists, teams can understand what they need to do right away, which tasks are most important, and when work is due. Make it easy for your staff to focus on the job at hand. Define each stage of the project to see what is vital and where problems arise.


This project management app is straightforward, which is a huge bonus because educating your remote employees on using it will be a breeze. This tool keeps track of your team’s projects and makes it simple to allocate contributors to them. You may make a to-do list, attach files, and track milestones and progress. You can see what has to be done and when it needs to be done. There has been less uncertainty about work duties and deadlines, resulting in enhanced production and efficiency.

Task accountability is important, and you are all collaborating more on feedback, which also helps demonstrate accountability. By using Basecamp, you don’t need to spend as much time in meetings. There has been an increase in transparency and communication, and there will be productivity and time management. Instead of constantly asking for progress updates, it makes your job easier.


Wrike was formed in 2006 and now employs over 500 people worldwide. To boost productivity and collaboration worldwide, you can work closely with your Enterprise and SMB customers and their globally distributed employees. Any organisation can use cloud-based communication and project management software that expands across teams. Everything you need can be organised and stored in the cloud. Details and conversations have been documented, and files have been updated and made available. Use custom-field request forms to complete tasks more explicit, reduce email by up to 90%, provide suggestions, and communicate real-time updates. Using customised workflows, Kanban boards, and robust reporting, keep stakeholders informed at every stage of your process.

Zoho projects

Users can utilize Zoho’s smart project management solution to organize their tasks. It allows us to use Zoho Writer, Sheet, and Presentation tools to generate interactive documents, as well as Zoho forms to communicate with website visitors. It allows for data sharing at the organizational level and provides a 360-degree perspective of the business. Zoho boosts income while keeping costs down. It is cloud-based project management software, and it helps you plan your projects. Zoho assists you in tracking work efficiently and allows you to collaborate with your team anywhere. Then it provides outstanding services for project management, and the Zoho projects pack more features than many other project management tools. It creates the custom layout for your projects, tasks, and issues to perfectly for your project requirements. Zoho helps you save and reuse your structures for new projects or work items. It adds custom fields to your layouts to help with information. These can include a line, pick list, multiuser, multi-select, date, number, email, phone, or URL field.

Teamwork projects

Teamwork Projects include everything you need to track a project from start to end for the project management. Because of the app’s flexibility and specific features, your team will become better collaborators, but they will also significantly enhance their everyday productivity. It makes real-time collaboration that keeps clients, teammates, and leadership on the same page. The teamwork gives you the tools and reports you to need to exploit resources and never miss a single minute again. It takes more concentration on the entire project, from milestones to project planning, budgeting, time tracking, etc. It allows you to save time on setup without sacrificing attention to detail. With the project management template, you can quickly create project management plants that help you complete your project on time and within budget. By using this, you can manage the big picture, so you can plot your essential things like your project planning methodology and project timeline without missing a single detail.

Flux day

Fluxday is an open-source task and productivity management solution that assists you in efficiently managing your tasks. This open-source task management solution helps handle all business processes from development to production with multi-user schemes. It was developed in 2014 and was a critical part of foradian’s hyper-growth and success as a B2b startup in the EdTech space. It is created as a small internal app, and then it is custom developed by the engineering team and assumed by all team members. It is engineered based on the connect, and it is today used by many companies, including Google and social media apps.

Producteev by jive

Producteev is available in free trial versions and is appropriate for small, medium, and big organisations, allowing team members to effortlessly monitor each other’s worklists and achieve project deadlines. Producteev can help you take project management to the next level by keeping track of high-priority activities and improving team communication. Jive has all of the fundamental features you had expect from the world’s most popular intranet and unique collaboration tools you won’t find anywhere else. Manage all your interactions and chats in one location, including email and external system notifications. On mobile and desktop platforms, deliver interesting, tailored news streams. People can interact, discuss, and share, resulting in a genuine conversation that engages everyone.

Orange scrum

OrangeScrum makes it simple for team members to manage workflows by analysing the time and resources required. OrangeScrum aids project management, task management, and collaboration with subscription plans, free downloaded versions with video lessons, and excellent customer service.

Parting words

As a result, the above mentioned are about the project management software, if you use this software, it will manage all your business work and helps to organize everything in the correct way. There may be a delay on the client’s end, causing you to lose time, which is a common occurrence. Even if you plan, you may encounter this type of problem, which could result from a misunderstanding. So if you have this software, it will assist you in completing your entire task at the right time.