With the advent of technology, most of the businesses irrespective of their size are going digital. They are providing computer billing to the customers and the inventory management are also computerized. So most of the retailers in India are planning to have Point of Sale (POS) software. So if you are planning to get POS software, then this article is for you. The article is compiled of best POS software list. Check out the list and pick the best one that will be suitable for your retail store.

Marg POS

Marg POS has all the features that are important for a retail store. It keeps track of the inventory and provides the details of the products that went out of stock, about to expire, etc. It is capable of reading the barcodes, managing both purchases and sales, schemes and discounts that you offer usually, documentation, MIS, financial and inventory management. The solution helps in fast and easy billing of the products, re-ordering the management, customization, SMS and email integration are some of the features that are provided by Marg POS.

Shopify POS

Shopify helps the retailers to sell their products  in the market, pop-up and in offline stores. The processing of order, accepting the payment, and all other works can be done with the help of an Android phone. This gives a provision of working on the go without any hassle. Accepting the payments, selling the products, etc everything is done easily with the help of Shopify POS.

GoFrugal Retail POS

GoFrugal is one of the best software package comprising of various features that helps in the easy management of a retail store. The business will be empowered with increased sales, best purchase, better transparency, happy employees and commendable customer care. From store automation to the inventory management, all the departments that needs attention and care can be managed with the help of GoFrugal retail POS. It is a single easy to  use platform where you will get all the features. The eCommerce site can also be managed with GoFrugal retail POS.

Bindo POS

It is a cloud based POS which can be used for the inventory management, eCommerce site management, customer management and billing. It can be considered as one stop  solution for all the retail store needs. All the features that are important for the management of a retail store are curated under one platform and provided in the form of Bindo POS.


SNAPOS is a simple retail POS app. It is the best small business pos application with an easy online store. The online store is one of the trending technology in the market. But most small business feels hard to afford a large amount for their online store. SNAPOS is one of the best solutions for every small businessers, who are looking for an affordable POS system with an online store. SNAPOS eliminates all the hassle by providing a simple, clean interface that is designed for quick logging and easy management. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge and is perfect for beginners. It is the effortless platform holding — online store, billing, multi-user access, multi-counter management, all-in-one report, inventory management, and more.

Digiclay Retail POS

This is one of the best POS software available in the market. It is a ready to use solution which can be immediately used by the retailers. It is a single platform where different kind of features like inventory management, payroll management, billing, etc are provided. With the affordable cost and amazing features, Digiclay is one of the best retail POS solution.

Light Speed

This is another cloud based software. The main advantage of cloud based software is that it can be used anywhere. This gives the retailers and business men a provision to access their records anytime without any hassle. It is perfect for sporting goods, footwear, apparel, jewelry, bike, pet and home decor industry. Lightspeed offers amazing features at an affordable price.


If you are new to the POS software and want something that has easy interface and can be managed easily, then the best option for you is Neemus NEEPOS. It provides automatic retail store management without any hassle. The retail businesses are easily manageable. It is capable of managing requisitions, inventory, sales, invoicing and returns are some of the amazing features of Neemus NEEPOS. One can use this software without any hassle.

Vend POS

Vend POS is a cloud based POS software which helps the retailers in managing their business anywhere. It helps in managing both online and offline store. Vend provides inventory management, POS Software, customer loyalty, reports and analytics.


This is the one stop solution for all the online and offline retail store requirements. It helps in managing the inventory and order processing across multiple channels. The cloud based management is useful for both online and offline store management. The day to day activities such as inventory management, procurement, accounting, billing, POS are maintained with utmost perfection and ease with the help of PrimaSeller. The best feature of PrimaSeller is that you can link your eCommerce accounts to it.

ePaise Shuruwat

This software also has an mobile application and you can use it anywhere you go without any hassle. This is one of the best POS software available in the market with amazing features. It helps the small scale businesses a lot. Billing, invoicing, payment tracking and many other features are curated in this software. It is capable of transforming your Android device into a business management solution.

These are the best POS that are available in the market right now. All these POS are designed with utmost perfection so that they will be capable of catering all the services that are required for a retail store.