Financial advisors are the people who will provide financial assistance or guidance to their clients for compensation. There are so many services that these financial advisors can present to their clients in order to help them save as much as money possible. There are so many types of  services that the financial advisors provide like estate planning, investment management, income tax preparation, etc. It is very important for the financial advisors to keep the track of their clients and the work they had done for each client.

Financial advisors are directly linked with the customers and it is very important for them to manage the relationships with customers. The customer relationship management software will help an advisor in this scenario. This CRM software will help the advisors to connect with the potential customers and streamline the process and improve the profitability.

There are so many  features that are incorporated in the CRM software which will  help in the maintenance of customer relationships of the financial advisors. With the increase in the number of clients it will become hard to manage the work for any advisor. Juggling through each client, managing the work and at the same time staying in touch with the customer is a huge thing and it requires a lot of time. With the help of CRM this scenario is changed and the advisor will get to  have a software work for it with the clients.

A CRM software will record the customer information including their social profile too. Apart from this information, the details regarding the deals that the advisor has done with the client are also recorded for clear information about the relationship with the advisor. A CRM creates a 360 degree view about the customer so that the advisor get every bit information. CRM is very important for any business and financial advisors aren’t an exemption for it. It is a place to record everything about your customer and the dashboard stating what are the projects that you have done for a certain customer and what more are left to be done, how well does your relationship with certain customer is given in detail in the software.

Some of the notable benefits of CRM are

  • Contact management is enhanced
  • Reliable reporting
  • A CRM will help in boosting the marketing strategies.
  • Improved sales metrics
  • Great return on investments (ROI) .
  • Increased productivity.
  • Improvement in the sales metrics

The CRM is a must   have for the financial advisors. If you are in search of a reliable CRM software in Canada for the financial advisors then keep reading the article to know what are the best CRM software available in the market and their features. offers the customized CRM software for companies all over the world. It comes with all the latest updates and features. It gives you all of the tools and integrations you will need to expand and improve your business. CRM software is ideal for companies that deal with many sales and inquiries. Even this software can be utilized separately or combined with increasing efficiency and productivity.


The Redtail Technology

Redtail technology is a specific CRM which has been designed especially for the financial advisors. Redtail technology has been mainly focusing on using the best in class high end technology with the combination of cloud support that gives a great support for the financial advisors. The chat system present in the software allows you to chat with the clients as well as staff within the software.


  • Integrates with so many other services such as LaserApp, Morningstar, Moneyguidepro, etc.
  • Gives a detailed data about the customers
  • Offers reports and details about the clients
  • The price is dependent on database. The software allows total five users for same subscription fees.


Kronos provides you with two different software- Kronos FNA and Kronos Finance. Kronos FNA is used to analyze and understand the investment and  insurance needs of customers while Kronos Finance will help in storing the entire data related to the customer. Kronos Finance provides a database where all the details regarding clients are stored.


  • It provides the profile of the insurance policies of clients and also stores investment portfolios too.
  • The messaging system saves all the documents and records that are required.
  • Creates the reports based on the client criteria
  • Gives a complete overview of sales opportunities.
  • All the documents are archived in complaint form.


Wealthbox crafted a CRM specially for the financial advisors. Wealthbox is one of the most prominent CRM software that has been used by the financial advisors in Canada. There are so many amazing features offered by Wealthbox that are essential  for various sizes of a business. Wealthbox has different types of software for different businesses. Some of the commendable features of Wealthbox are

  • It helps you to send and receive all the emails
  • Through Wealthbox you can track the number of clicks that has been received.
  • It can be integrated with some of the software like Riskalyze and eMoney.
  • It provides CRM data migration, webinars, demos for each person separately.


Salesforce is a cloud based customer relationship management platform which makes it easy for the advisors to access from any place without any hassle. Salesforce helps in prioritizing the prospects, managing the relationships with the existing clients, attract the new customers. Salesforce CRM uses the latest and top notch technologies like mobile optimization and AI analytics which helps them in providing better services.


  • Mobile optimized software
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Offers data automation and marketing analytics
  • The sales cloud Einstein gives a clear picture about the clients and provide the insights as well as future forecast.


Junxure CRM software offers two products namely- Client View and Junxure Cloud. The Client View is a client portal that helps in reporting the clients, storing the documents and management of contacts. The Junxure cloud is a cloud based CRM software which has been tailored for the financial advisors. It provides the consistent and streamline services for the workforce and also helps in reducing the IT cost.

Some of the most amazing features of Junxure are

  • It has a centralized database containing all the financial as well as demographic information about the clients
  • It helps in creating, sending and capturing the letters, documents, emails.
  • It helps in transporting the client’s financial data from the integrated partners
  • A single log is enough for the access to the personal investment information, company newsletters and historical information.

CRM is a must for every business present in the market including the financial advisors. These are the top 5 financial advisors CRMs that are used in Canada.