As a startup or small business, what is your most valuable asset? It is undoubtedly your customers. Your Initial steps are always crucial to build a great customer base. In order to provide your customers the best possible positive experience it is always necessary to be available for them when needed and provide them the required information. It is important to listen to their feedback, understand their behavior in order to improve your product/ services. It is necessary to personalize all the marketing information to each customer. Regardless of the size of your customer base it is impossible to keep tab of all these manually. So businesses need a powerful tool like CRM to manage their customers. Many small businesses don’t understand the benefits of using a CRM until they experience the benefits or see the other business grow due to it. So to maintain a solid customer base from the beginning every small business should invest in a CRM. CRM acts as a centralized place to maintain all the customer’s data. This centralization helps in easy access of data and allows easy analysis of the data. Customer data analysis would help small businesses to take informed decisions in order to expand their business. With the CRM your team would spend less time in managing and organizing the data and can spend their valuable time in core business activities and developing strategies. There are many CRMs that are customizable and suitable especially for small businesses. Here we are listing some of the best CRMs for small business.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is another comprehensive CRM, The special small Business edition of sales force CRM is powerful CRM for small businesses with powerful features. This edition provides robust features for contact management, lead generation and automation of the workflow, sales and marketing automation. So it is an affordable all in one CRM for small business.

Zoho CRM

The flexible pricing packages of Zoho CRM allow you to choose the best package that suits your business and budget. You can upgrade to the higher versions as your business grows. The CRM is very intuitive and also it offers a free edition for up to 10 users, the basic package starts at a very affordable price which made the zoho one of the most preferred CRMs for small businesses. It also allows many third-party integrations without the need of any additional coding.


bpm’online is a comprehensive CRM with an excellent user interface. The CRM won Great User Experience Award in 2017. It offers three software which can be used individually or as a combination.  bpm’online marketing, bpm’online sales, bpm’online service, these three together helps the business to streamline marketing, sales and services.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a comprehensive CRM that helps the small business manage all the aspects of the business like sales, marketing, support and billing. This all in one CRM not only helps you to manage your customers but also helps in streamlining all the marketing and sales process. So investing in Agile CRM would help your small business in many ways.


Insightly comes in different editions to suit different type of business. You can select a plan according to your business needs and size of your business. It also offers a free version with limited features. Based on the plan you select it allows you to manage the customer’s data, schedule emails and also provide email templates. This is one of the best CRM software for the small business due its user-friendliness and limited yet powerful features.

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM is the top choice of many small business owners worldwide. It is an automated CRM which logs each and every details of customers and helps in managing your workflow effortlessly. Based on the data it allows you to segregate the leads so that you can put your efforts on the quality leads. It also provides you pre-defined email templates, the automation helps you save lots of time. And yes you heard it right; the fully featured Hubspot CRM is FREE.


Pipedrive is one more sales CRM for small teams. It helps you to streamline the sales activities. It is specifically designed to provide the comprehensive view of sales pipeline. It is highly customizable and provides reports that help you to view and evaluate your sales. It also provides tools for lead capturing from the website and other sources.


Freshsales as the name suggests is a CRM helps to pipeline your sales process. It provides superior insights with providing you proper analytics and reporting. It helps you to analyze the complete sale pipeline. It also allows direct calls and captures the entire data. The free plan provided by Fresh sales can be effectively utilized by small businesses.

Sugar CRM

SugarCRM is said to be astartup-friendlyy CRM. It is a highly customizable CRM and is said to be favorite of the tech startups due to the documentation and guides it provide for customization. This cloud-based CRM is an easy to adapt CRM with rich features and great customer support.

Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM is one of the best CRM for customer contact management. It allows you to segregate the customers effectively. It also helps you to manage your calendar and also automate the repeated tasks.  It is very simple and light weighted CRM that is easy to use for small business holders. It acts as a single place where you can maintain all the related data and documents of each customer in the place.