According to a report issued by a famous online reporting company, North America (Canada & USA) is the largest market in the world for CRM software. With the increasing use of internet and smartphones worldwide the customer’s behavior and the way they research, give feedback or buy a product/ service changed drastically. So it is mandatory for every company to follow modern marketing strategies. For this, a comprehensive CRM system is necessary. Over years CRM software has evolved a lot and developed as one of the most powerful tools in business, CRM software not only helps to understand and track customer behavior but also helps to improve and streamline the marketing and sales strategies. Here are some latest and upcoming trends in CRM industry that would make a CRM the most powerful tool for any business.

Social Media Management:

Social media has become one of the most powerful platforms to showcase our products and engage with the customers. Social media has changed the way a customer gives his feedback. In the present days, most of the customers share their experience with a product/ service in social media. So in order to never miss what the customers are speaking about the brand, a CRM system that can integrate social media is necessary. Also the open source social CRM should be able to automate and personalize the campaigns in order to improve the relationship with the customers.

 Harnessing the power of AI:

With the invention of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning lot of industries have undergone a revolution. CRM Software industry in Canada and USA is not an exception. Leveraging AI and Machine learning to give customers a better experience that is quick helps in gaining customers loyalty, also AI helps to gain better insights from huge data available. AI and machine learning can greatly help in automating many repetitive tasks. Chatbots can also act as virtual assistants where they can help to automate many processes and give instant response to the customers when 24/7 availability of human is impossible.

Powerful Integrations:

CRM that can integrate other third-party applications can be of a great benefit by acting as a centralized point to access all the data from different applications and platforms. The more systems the CRM will be able to integrate, the easier it would be for the marketers to automate campaigns across different platforms. With powerful integrations, a CRM software can evolve as a centralized tool for all the companies data.

Handling Huge Data:

With a huge amount of data flowing in every day, it is important to integrate Big Data with CRM to take advantage of Big Data and reap its benefits. This helps in examining huge amount of data to understand and predict the customer behavior and to improve the campaigns. Already many large companies are taking help of big data to understand their customers and to make informed decisions.

Flexibility and Customization:

Every business will have different needs. A CRM needs to be flexible and customizable to the business. The business needs and customer base may even change over years for the same business; the CRM should be flexible enough to adapt the new requirements of the business.

Cross-platform Support:

Sales and Marketing persons are always on the go. A CRM system that supports many screens and that can provide one-click access to important data would save a lot of time. Year on year many CRM’s are implementing cross-platform support and striving to provide an excellent user interface in order to make the CRM usage easier and better.


Customers Data is the biggest asset for any business, A robust CRM that provides military-grade security is necessary to protect your data and to avoid misuse of the data. Even within the organization, it should provide different access levels in order to secure the most important data.

Even though CRM’s has evolved a lot in years; the CRM system is likely to have potential growth in coming years. North America (USA & Canada)  is being the largest market for CRM will even see tremendous growth in the usage of CRM’s in coming years and CRM software also evolve as the most powerful tool for entire business. When we believe that the Customer is the king of any business, then the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software should be king of all tools in any business.