In this age of big data, Data is the power. For any company that uses traditional ways to store data, Customer management would be a daunting task. In this case, CRM software tools can help to manage and organize your customer data and also allows you to access the data anytime easily. Having understanding this truth many companies have moved from traditional ways of storing data. Maintaining customer’s data also allows you to give greater experience to your customer by allowing you to offer personalized services and offers.

In initial years CRMs was inclined only towards PR people, sales and was only used to store and manage customers data. With time CRM solutions are used in various areas of business like marketing, analytics, communication, customer relationship management. In order to help you find the right CRM tools for your business we have curated the list of top 10 CRM Software tools used in USA.


BPM Online another feature rich yet easy to use tool that offers different software for sales, marketing and service. It allows you to customize very easily without the requirement of changing the code. It can also be integrated with many third party applications and social media. It provides clear analytics of the data with visual charts and reports. It also allows to export the data to excel and other applications.


Pipedrive is one of the most widely used tool used by a large number of businesses across the world. And pipedrive is one of the best performing CRMs today. As the name suggests it allows you to pipeline the sales process effectively. Bing built by a team of enthusiastic sales people and developer’s pipedrive is absolutely loved by sales person across the world. It supports 13 languages is available at flexible prices. It is customizable and also available in mobile version.


Punchh is a leading marketing tool that provides modern level advertising and marketing solution for restaurants. Punchh provides businesses the advantage of connecting with customers across channels. It allows you to engage and understand the behaviors of customers to increase the sales


Infoflo is one of the most affordable yet powerful CRMs, unlike many other CRMs it provides you the advantage of accessing it for lifetime at just a very affordable price which needs to be paid only once. It can be integrated with all your favourite apps and be deployed on premise or on cloud.

Zoho CRM

Zoho is one of the most feature rich CRM used many large business across the world. It allows integration with many third party applications and social media to track the customer behavior. It provides different software for sales, marketing and services with which the CRM can be integrated to accelerate the sales and marketing process in any company. It allows real time access to data with  most easy to use and customizable dashboard.

Salesforce CRM

Saleforce is one of the best CRM tools used in USA. Salesforce provides perfect business software which can simplify sales, retail, marketing and customer service tasks. Sales solutions that are designed with the integration of various advanced technologies gives business teams to gain strategic sales opportunities.


Infor helps to provide the customers professional and effective services. This tool comes with various customer service features which helps to provide excellent customer service at the time of sales activities. Infor can be used with various other professional tools. Customer service solution can also be configured so that they can able to operate with many other professional tools.

Intercom CRM

Intercom is basically a customer communication platform which allows you to communicate with the customers individually. When integrated with the marketing, sales and service activities it can help you to communicate personally with each customer who visits your app, website etc.

Highrise CRM

Highrise, as the name says, can be used to raise your revenues by converting the more leads. This software allows you to set up personalized remainders for various sales activities so that you don’t miss a single lead and follow up each lead on time.

Sugar CRM

Even though there are numerous of CRM software providers sugar CRM continuous to be on the top because of its features and user interface it offers. From more than a decade sugar CRM is ruling the market despite the entree of many other new CRMs. It is an open source CRM which provides a comprehensive platform for marketing, sales and service combined whereas many others provide different platforms for each activity.


CompanyHub is a customer relationship management (CRM) software which ensures highest sales agent adoption. With powerful features like auto follow-up suggestions, easy DIY automation and customization, inbuilt email productivity suite this CRM makes it a one-stop shop platform so you do not need to invest in a separate email and automation tool. You can also integrate more than 1000 apps to bring all your cross-functional activities under one CRM. The entire sales automation suite will cost you just $24 /user per month, check their pricing page for more information. There’s also a 14 day free trial period.

List of Most Popular CRM Software Systems in USA