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ProProfs Help Desk Software is a customer service tool that enables customer support teams of your organization to track user issues and requests. Only then can they effectively resolve customer-care-related issues. This feature-rich issue tracking software allows online businesses to track all customer issues, queries, requests, and bugs.

When you can track customer issues, you see who is working on what. Your business can even identify solution delays. You don’t miss on customer tickets when you use filters to sort by labels, priorities, assignees, milestones, and status.

The best part about ProProfs Help Desk is its shared inbox feature. With ProProfs Help Desk, your agents can manage all customer-facing inboxes, such as sales@, help@, support@, contact@, and billing@. When an agent has access to customer emails, it becomes easy for them to reassign the message to the right person. Shared inbox makes it possible to gather internal feedback with in-line, internal comments. Agents can also collaborate well with teams. This collaboration leads to faster ticket resolution.

Why business should opt for the helpdesk software is because it helps you to offer timely responses to your customers through child ticket generation. Child tickets allow you to collaborate and track internal subtasks. Customer success managers (CSMs) can better organize agents into teams than before. ProProfs Help Desk makes it easy to manage permissions, task assignments, and roles. Managers also have the freedom to set up their workflow rules around service level agreements (SLAs), filters, and priorities.

Software Features

Canned responses and rule-based automated messages,
Shared inbox,
Ticket prioritization,
Collaborative email,
Issue tracking in one place,
Timely response to child tickets,
Tickets surveys,
Email Integration,
Instant support,
Faster ticket resolution,
Anytime, anywhere access,
Incident management,
No spot solution delays,
Child ticket creation to track internal subtasks,
Issue resolution progress review,
Filters to sort by labels, milestones, assignee, priorities, and status,
Option to add internal comments,
No long cc emails,
Easy to manage permissions, task assignments, and roles,
Workflow rules’ set up around priorities, filters, and service level agreements (SLAs),
Automated Routing,
Customizable Branding,
Document Storage,
Call Center Management,
IT Asset Management,
Knowledge Base Management,
Interaction Tracking,
Macros/Template Responses,
Network Monitoring,
Multi-Channel Communication,
Real-time Chat,
Workflow Configuration

  • Price $20 per month
  • Slogan Delighting Customers with Faster Ticket Resolution
  • Brand color
  • Company Name ProProfs
  • Listing categories Help Desk
  • Customization Yes - Available


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  • Rachael Pace

    Rating: 4 / 5

    The ProProfs Help Desk tremendously helped us capture the right metrics and track the productivity of every single agent. Earlier we had a hard time dealing with the numbers and had no idea about which agent was working on which ticket. Now, we are able to track every important metric like Ticket Resolution Time and this has simply turned our agents into productive heroes.


    Everything has been working great so far. No complaints.

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