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Sesame is a voice biometric identification system. Sesame uses natural speech for real-time caller identification, creating a voice print based on previous calls without the need of any enrollment process.

What can Sesame do for you?

Combats Call Center fraud: one of the main problems that a Call Center faces is that of fraud and identity theft. This problem is particularly prevalent in the finance, healthcare and insurance sectors. Voice biometrics technology provides Call Centers with an efficient tool to identify callers whilst maintaining a conversation.

Classification: automatic identification of clients’ voice, gender, age and language without requiring previous enrollment which facilitates service automatization and tailoring. Improve the quality of your databases without the need for interaction by your agents. Sesame collects required data without interrupting a conversation between the agent and the customer, significantly reducing the time required by an agent to otherwise obtain this data and improving the overall experience for the caller.

Anti-spam: unwanted or irrelevant telephone call filtering. Based on previous calls, Sesame identifies the voice of people not relevant to the business as well as nuisance callers and other unwanted callers through an automatic filter process. The use of different devices will not inhibit our system from recognising the caller’s voice thanks to the voice biometric technology that we are providing.

Answering machine detection: by including this technology in predictive dialers, Sesame detects whether or not there is a live call. Eliminating the number of voicemail inboxes your agents receive maximises their time as they only interact with live calls.

Sentiment analysis and management: client vocabulary, sentiment and emotion management and control during the conversation. Sesame not only listens to the voices of those calling, but rather enters further into the conversations by analysing the emotional state of callers, thus providing the business with valuable and timely information.

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