Pipedrive is one of the best CRM software that is available in the market. With its low price and amazing features, it has become ones stop solution for all the small and medium sized business. Most of the people use Pipedrive for the customer relationship management, but there are some other alternatives of Pipedrive which aren’t considered for the most of the time. Here are some of the amazing alternatives of Pipedrive CRM for small businesses.

The factors that has been considered while evaluating these alternatives are

  • Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer support and
  • Pricing

Zoho CRM

If you want the best range of purchase orders, sales and marketing tools, website visitor tracking, etc then the right option for you is Zoho CRM. the Zoho CRM provides the control over the entire layout and data for the user.

Zoho Features

Zoho offers many features similar to the Insightly. The only thing that is missing in Zoho is the feature of project management. For project management, Zoho has another stand alone option that is named as Zoho Project Management.

  • The lead scoring option identifies the top leads based on the predefined rules
  • Quotes, purchase orders and invoices are provided for professional and its higher editions.
  • The website visitor tracking will give you a list of potential leads and the pages they visit
  • Notifications and sales signals. You will get a mail every time when a customer opens your mails, accesses your website or mentions your company in any social media posts.

Zoho Pricing

Similar to Insightly, Zoho offers different range of pricing options to suit the requirement of all types of businesses. The standard edition starts at the price of $12 but the best features are unlocked by opting for professional edition. All the advanced tools can be accessed in the professional edition only.

  • Free, upto 10 users can use this software for free. All the standard CRM features except mass emailing, managing the custom reports, invoices and service management won’t be available.
  • Standard- It costs $12 per month for one user and the storage space is increased. Along with the storage space the mass emailing option, custom reports, other integrations and lead scoring are provided.
  • Professional- The cost of professional package is $20 per month for one user. Lead assignment rules are added along with the unlimited storage option, customer service management, inventory management and many more.
  • Enterprise- It costs $30 per month for one user. Email autoresponders, conditional fields and territory fields are additional features.
  • CRM plus- It costs $50 per month for one user. All the above features including the customization support are provided for the users.
  • Ultimate- All the above mentioned features along with the sand box, dedicated database clutter and advanced customization options are provided with ultimate package.

Ease of Use

Zoho CRM comprises of a very easy to use interface. Even the newbies will understand the usage of it in some time without any prior training.

Customer Support

Zoho provides both email and phone service 24×7 a day for monday to friday. This service if for all the users.


The first name that strikes into mind when one thinks about the CRM software for small and medium sized business is “Insightly”. The main reason for this is the usage of the software. It is very easy and your teammates can learn and use it with ease.

Features of Insightly

  • Pre Written email templates will help in sending the formal emails without much of a hassle
  • Webforms option on the website which will help in capturing the leads.
  • The assignment rules for leads
  • The opportunities are given for qualified leads to enter the sales pipeline
  • The projects helps in overseeing the sales completion
  • The reports from time to time helps in overseeing the progress


Insightly offers its services in different price ranges. The features keep on varying with the price. For small businesses the plus plan of insightly is enough as they get all the features that they require in this plan.

  • Free- insightly is free upto two users but the features are very limited. The free version helps in understanding the software better but it won’t suit for the customer relationship management in a business.
  • Plus- This plan comes at a reasonable price of $29. Plus plan is perfect for the small sized business. The email scheduling and increased storage space are the top features of plus plan
  • Professional- This plans costs $49. It gives leads assignment, role based permissions and work automation process.
  • Enterprise- this is the high rated plan. It costs $99 per month for each user. This plan is apt for the large sized businesses. Dedicated support specialist and unlimited storage are the best features of enterprise business.

Ease of Use

The interface of insightly is quite easy and any beginner can use it without a need of training.

Customer Support

Insightly provides email support form 10am to 6pm EST for all the paid users from monday to saturday. Apart from that, the online forum will help with the question and answers that the users have.


Prosperworks is the best CRM available for integration with all the Google suite applications. It also provides the customers with RingCentral integration. This allows you to track all the VoIP calls. This is available for only highest priced package, which is a slight disappointment.


All the features that one expects from a CRM are available in the prosperworks and along with that there are two extra features which makes it the special option.

  • Integration with all the Google Suite applications. All the applications of Google Suite like Sheets, Docs, slides, Gmail and calendar can be integrated with prosperworks.
  • The users of the Ringcentral have an option to integrate their VoIP phone service with the Prosperworks. But the user have to choose the highest package of prosperworks to avail this feature.

Prosperwork Pricing

Prosperwork do not offer any free package to the users. Its basic price starts from $19 and the price increases based on the additional features.

  • Basic package starts at $19 per month for each user for five users. All the basic CRM features that are important for a business are added in this package.
  • Professional package starts at $49 per month which includes the email tracking, automation of the tasks and increases the storage upto 2000 GB.
  • Business package starts at $119 per month for each user. It provides the users with ability to set the goals and track the work. Insights and additional metrics, integration with the Ringcentral are added advantage for the prosperwork business package.

Ease of Use

It is easy to use the prosperwork CRM Software. The user interface is simple and interesting.

Customer Service

Prosperwork offers online knowledge base that includes live training webinars, Q&A support and email based training. The phone and live chat facility is available only for the business package subscribers which is a huge disappointment.

Hubspot CRM

This is suitable for the business where the CRM Software is used for the first time and the entrepreneurs are on a limited budget. It includes powerful lead tracking, contact management and many other features.

Hubspot Features

Hubspot has amazing features for a reasonable price. The businesses that are using the CRM for the first time would be completely satisfied with the amazing features present in this software. The top features of Hubspot CRM are

  • Deal management
  • Customer management
  • Gmail Integration
  • Task management
  • Email scheduling and tracking

Hubspot Pricing

Hubspot is quite different from other CRMs when it comes to pricing.

  • Free- Yes, hubspot is providing a free option for the users. There is no trial period and all the CRM core features are available in this package
  • Starter Package- It costs $50 per month for each user, apart from the features available in the free package the additional features like email templates, storage are increased.
  • Sales Professional package- One can enjoy the advanced features like lead scoring, product management, sales automation, etc with the sales professional package.

Ease of Use

It is very easy to use the Hubspot CRM software. It has simple user interface

Customer support

Online knowledge base and amazing tutorials are available for the users. The phone call and email support are  available for paid users only.


Here comes one of the most amazing and powerful CRM software. When compared to all the other software present in this list, salesforce is costly but its Lightning essentials package will be perfect for the small sized business.

Salesforce Features

Salesforce provides all the CRM features similar to the Insightly and Zoho but it excels in the integration of the software with external resources. Some of its amazing features are

  • Chatter- A small social media platform for the employees to discuss
  • Salesforce Einstein- Provides the insights and analytics for the sales managers

Salesforce Pricing

Salesforce has various packages and its starting package costs $25. Various packages of Salesforce are

  • Lightning Essentials- This is the first and basic package of salesforce. It costs $25 and it provides advanced contact management, email integration, follow up reminders
  • Lightning Professional- It costs $75 per month for each user. It helps in leads and opportunities tracking, customer service management, quotes management, etc.
  • Lightning Enterprise- It costs $150 per month for each user. It provides additional features like adding the workflow automation, territory management, etc.
  • Lightning Unlimited- The Lightning unlimited is the top most salesforce pricing option. It costs $300 per month. It provides sandbox facility, 24×7 customer care support, etc.

Ease of Use

No it is not easy to use the salesforce CRM Software. The employee must undergo training to use it effectively.

Customer Service

The customer service provided by Salesforce is commendable. Phone and email support is provided for all the users from morning 8 to night 8. 24×7 support will be provided to the lightning unlimited users only.

These are the best alternative software for pipedrive that are available in the market. All these software has their unique features which made them the best choice.