To be a successful events agency in London today, you have to stay ahead of the curve. That means investing in the best event management software. Even the most talented event management companies know – you’re only as good as the tools at your disposal. Take a look at these three essential event management platforms.


Configio boasts a robust event management and registration interface. With numerous customisable features, organisations of any size can usually find what they need. The all-in-one registration tool allows you to create an event website and registration portal, promote your event, sell tickets and offer discounts to your attendees, send automated follow-up messages, analyse demographic data of your attendees, and streamline the overall registration process.

Configio is a web-based platform, so there is no need to download and install the software. The software comes with Its wide range of features which includes an e-Commerce option, a Learning Management System, and a responsive CRM. In addition, Configio receives accolades from its users for its customer service. Clients tout the reactive support they receive from Configio agents.

Pricing with Configio comes at different tiers, the lowest starting at $55 per month. With this plan, you don’t have the e-Commerce capabilities or the Learning Management System. There’s also no free trial available. One downside to the platform is the learning curve; with so many features it’s difficult to get a grasp on the system at first. Overall, though, Configio represents a great value for what you pay.


Yapp is an affordable option for event management companies on a budget. With Yapp, you can create and publish your own event apps. Yapp works as a container app, meaning you can release your app through Yapp, without needing approval from the App Store or Google Play. Yapp’s simple app-building interface is geared specifically toward event planners, too.

With Yapp, you can add unlimited content to your app, make unlimited modifications, and send unlimited push notifications. If your event agenda shifts, it’s easy to import changes and keep guests up to date. You can also set up your app to facilitate attendee interaction, by integrating Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Eventbrite. It’s also easy to set up polls and surveys to gather attendee feedback. Yapp allows event management companies to make their apps public or private as well.

Yapp includes features like real-time data analytics to monitor your app’s user engagement and a customisable designer. Yapp is meant for event companies that aren’t familiar with coding and want an inexpensive and intuitive way to connect with their attendees. At $399 per year for the Basic plan, one of the most affordable event app-builders on the market, Yapp is worth trying out as it comes with a 14-day free trial.


Similarly to Configio, Aventri’s greatest value lies in its event registration system. Of particular note are the detailed and customisable workflows, which make registration simple and intuitive for attendees. Additionally, Aventri gives attendees more ways to pay via its payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and CyberSource. Aventri is an all-in-one event management platform, though, as its services go beyond registration. You can create an event website and mobile app, pose surveys to attendees to gather feedback, and streamline the planning process with meetings management.

Another interesting feature Aventri offers is its Aventri Smart Tag. The tag functions as a digital business card that guests can use to check-in and check-out of the event and find and meet other attendees. An events agency can track guests’ session attendance to see which sessions or meetings are more populated. Aventri can also help organisers with venue sourcing, simplifying the venue booking process.

At $3000 per year, Aventri has one of the highest price tags for event management software. Some users have also noted that Aventri is a huge bundle of services that decreases the quality of its UI. Customer service is offered 24 hours a day, though, and if you have the budget for it, Aventri is still a powerful enough tool to consider for your event management needs.

Summing Up Event management software has become an essential tool for event companies in London today. Services like Configio, Yapp, and Aventri make your job as an event organiser so much easier. With our many years of industry experience, we at Purple Patch know that an events agency is only as good as the resources it uses. If you want to know how we can help you with your next event, give us a call today