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SAG InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. for Those Who cannot Afford to Make Errors

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A Complete software solution which has earned proficiency in the area of computation. It is a perfect solution for tedious and complicated calculations like the Income Tax, Self Assessment Tax, Advance Tax and Interest calculation under section 234A,234B,234C.

Gen Income Tax returns filing software could prepare returns with accuracy and also has the capability of e-filling so that the returns could be directly uploaded from the software. It is one of the subsidiaries of the well known Genius software of the taxation Industry.

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  • Slogan SAG InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. for Those Who cannot Afford to Make Errors
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  • Company Name SAG Infotech
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Software Key Features:

ERI Facility, E Filing Form ITR 1 to ITR 7 in XML Formate, Client Wise Data Restore, E-payment of Tax Challans

Software Suites for?

Small Business, Medium Sized Business, Large Business

API Support

Not Available

Technical Support

Phone Support, Chat Support, Email Support, Video Tutorials, Knowledge Base


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Multi Language Support


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  • Address B-9, Second Floor, Mahalaxmi Nagar, Behind WTP South Block, Malviya Nagar
  • Suresh Kumawat

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Gen income tax return filing software is a wonderful solution for Indian taxpayers because this ITR software easily can auto return from generation, import pre-filled JSON/filled ITR date, advance tax, income tax, and interest calculations u/s 234A, 234B, and 234C. Gen IT is the fastest income tax software for e-filing ITR and computing income. It develops XML/JSON generation, Challan e-payment, auto-filled Data, etc.


    When we face technical issues the company fixed them on time.

  • CA Vivek Sharma

    Rating: 5 / 5

    I'm fully satisfied with your income tax return software, Which provides a complete software solution. It has earned proficiency in the area of computation and filing income tax returns for Indian taxpayers since it makes it simple to import pre-filled JSON/ITR dates, calculate advance tax, Income Tax Return, and interest under Sections 234A, 234B, and 234C, and auto-return from generating. The quickest income tax software for e-filing ITR and calculating income is Gen IT.

  • CA Rajveer Singh

    Rating: 5 / 5

    I have been using Gen Income Tax Software, and I must say, it has completely transformed my tax-filing experience. As someone who used to dread the annual tax season, I see this software as a friendly tool. It covers a wide range of tax schemes, from salaried individuals to business owners and freelancers. It automatically calculates tax liabilities and accurately handles various deductions, exemptions, and allowances. With its seamless e-filing capability, I no longer need to worry about the hassle of paper returns. I can quickly file my taxes online, and the software ensures that my returns are error-free and compliant with the latest tax laws. Another impressive aspect is the customer support provided by the support team. Whenever I encountered a question or needed assistance, their team has been prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly. They are always ready to handle any problems and guide you through the process with a high level of professionalism. Furthermore, the software is regularly updated to stay in line with the latest tax laws and regulations. This proactive approach ensures that I am always using the most up-to-date and accurate version of the software.

  • CA Davinder Singh

    Rating: 4 / 5

    I admit that since I started using Gen Income Tax Software, my experience filing taxes has totally changed. I regard this software as helpful because I used to hate tax season every year. It includes several different tax plans for everyone, including freelancers, company owners, and salaried persons. It precisely manages a variety of deductions, exemptions, and allowances while automatically calculating tax liabilities. I am no longer concerned about the inconvenience of paper returns because of its flawless e-filing capacity. The software guarantees that my tax returns are error-free and in compliance with the most recent tax legislation, and I can easily upload them online. Their support staff has always been helpful, kind, and quick to respond to my inquiries or needs. They always have a high degree of professionalism and are prepared to manage any issues that may arise. To keep up with the most recent tax rules and regulations, the software is also updated on a regular basis. By taking the initiative, I can make sure that I'm always running the most recent and accurate version of the program.


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