Did you know social commerce is predicted to reach a whopping $84.2 billion by 2024?

Social media is a go-to platform for eCommerce retailers. It gives them the benefit of customer acquisition, social proof, robust online presence, access to a large audience, and most importantly sales. UGC is a must to take your business to the next level and stand out in this overcrowded competitive digital marketplace but for this online reputation management plays a great role.

However, social media is more than just uploading cute dog pictures on Instagram. It goes way beyond that. Your followers want to see authentic content that they can relate to and help them with the last nudge before pressing the “buy” button.

With the help of user-generated content, you can deliver raw and unfiltered content posted by real people who have experience with your brand.

Many times brands have a lot of UGC but aren’t aware of the what is UGC?. The problem is not finding UGC and understanding its benefits, but looking for the most effective UGC and finding a way to source it. In this blog, we will focus on some amazing UGC platforms that will help you aggregate, curate, and display UGC on multiple marketing touchpoints and manage your online reputation to reap the desired results without any extra effort.

Best UGC platform options to choose from

There are plenty of UGC platforms in the market, however selecting the one that best suits your brand and its budget can be challenging. We have recommended tried and tested platforms in this article that will solve a majority of your problems. Let’s check them out.

1.    Taggbox

This UGC platform allows you to see all your social media feeds in a dashboard. And with just a few clicks you can:

  • Aggregate UGC from more than 20+ platforms.
  • Curate content from multiple sources and display them in a unified presentation
  • Get legal rights to your UGC and repurpose content ethically.
  • Publish UGC to your social media feeds to get maximum leads.
  • Measure the widget’s performance with the analytics feature.

Taggbox allows you to repurpose UGC in a personalized way and offers you the freedom to design the widget of your choice. It is a solid platform that offers UGC galleries, embeddable social feeds, review platforms, digital signage and much more.

2.    Trend

Content created by users gives your business car extra mileage to run for a longer time with less fuel. The grainy images from Instagram might not make the cut. Trend allows you to sit on the boss’s chair and determine the type of content you wish to display.

3.    Pixlee

This UGC platform allows you to aggregate, develop, and discover UGC from social media, influencers, shoppers, and even employees. Pixlee creates one feed in your dashboard that includes content from both influencers and customers. You get features like:

  • Shoppable content.
  • AI filters
  • Social scheduling tools
  • Cart abandonment emails

4.    Tint

Tint sells itself as a platform for brands looking to grow like a weed. It allows you to collect content from multiple sources in one place. Connect multiple social channels to your feeds, and filter the content by keywords, dates, engagement, etc.

It also includes:

  • Permission feature to help you repurpose content ethically.
  • Many tem[plate options to fit your brand
  • Image editor to help you share in multiple ways without leaving the platform.
  • Analytics dashboard to help you monitor the widget’s performance.

5.    Stackla

It offers organic influencers solution that will compile a list of users who are creating content for you without any expenses. You can rank organic followers, reach out to potential influencers, invite them to our programs, and send incentives to them.

6.    BazaarVoice

This is a reviews management platform but also offers a robust UGC platform allowing you to measure product exposure, and brand performance, and track product sampling data. This platform offers you to create a community where people can share their reviews, photos, videos, etc.

7.    Olapic

This is a visual marketing platform. More than 56% of brands are using visuals to market their brand. Olapic uses AI to figure out which content will perform. It has a “Content in motion” feature that takes your static photos and turns them into short videos.

8.    Yotpo

This is popular for eCommerce brands who wish to find and leverage social proof. You can create shoppable galleries, UGC galleries, or specific product pages, display UGC on the checkout page to reduce cart abandonment, and upsell your products.

9.    ShortStack

One thing that shoppers love more than UGC is gamification and other interactive content like quizzes, contests, giveaways, etc. with Shortslack you can create interactive contests without any additional effort.

Choose your UGC platform

Relevancy is the key to keeping your customers engaged and promoting any eCommerce product online. When you need more relevancy in a short period with minimal expense, making the most out of your resources is your best bet. This is where UGC comes into action. Use these platforms, take their free trials, and start sourcing content.